The Wife Zee5 Review: A horror drama set in an urban city that will make you question your conscience

The story revolves around a couple who recently moved into a new apartment and experienced some unusual house events.

Speaking of the conspiracy of the woman:

The “wife” is for the couple, Varun (Gurmeet Choudari) and Arya (Sayani Date). Who experienced malicious activity shortly after moving into their new apartment.

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Arya noticed these unnatural things first and told Varun. Although he deliberately ignored the incident, he received nightmares about a terrible presence in the house.

However, when their relationship breaks down, they realize. That they must stick together to save not only their marriage but also their lives.

Then we meet Raima Das (Shweta Dadhicch), a professor with experience in paranormal research. He confirmed the ghost’s existence, but only time would tell why he was worried about the couple.

This horror film, supported by debutant Sarmad Khan. He is fearless but a combination of two romances between newlyweds and the creepy things they experience around the house.

That annoying feeling constantly keeps viewers stuck everywhere. But the script is slow and too long to get to the point or even follow a ghost.

The last 30 minutes of filming and a tingling climax in the spine. Editing for Manish More was tense, moving from one scene to the next easy, but the predictable storyline was disappointing.

Gourmet looks promising because Varun and debutant Sayani Date are convincing too. The chemistry between the two is so damm natural that it looks pleasing in any setting.

From expressions to dialogue, especially when it comes to supernatural activities, he perfectly conveys his character’s emotions. Apart from that, the Gurmeet effect enhances the climactic effect.

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Talking about The Wife’s (2021) review briefly.

The Wife from ZEE5 started with a disturbing shot of a mouse crawling. At the feet of a woman lying on a bed – taken from the woman’s perspective. By making it easier for the viewer to imagine her position.

This set takes the tone for the rest of the film. Every scene and every camera angle tries to keep the viewer busy. This is probably the reason why The Wife’s (2021) IMDb rating is 7.3 / 10 just hours after its release.

Although the plot of the film is not unique, the way it is presented is still new. The script has predictable twists and turns but a fine ending.

That you wouldn’t expect much if you weren’t a regular in the genre. Gurmeet Choudhary does an excellent job portraying someone who doesn’t believe in psychics.

She makes you support her character because it keeps Varun fit. Sayani Data supports him and his wife Arya and continues to make the ongoing drama realistic.

While playing a person who believes in the possibility of paranormal activity. He also resolves it with hesitation as he becomes familiar with the concept. The plot at the end is ambiguous but not very predictable.

The Wife’s Review (ZEE5) would not be complete without a cap on the innovative way that captures the place. The team really took advantage of the fact.

That this was a drama shot in a townhouse rather than the stereotypical old tub. With more basement, ceilings, and stairs than actual living space.

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What may not work for some viewers is that the film is a little distracting to watch:

It will definitely take a lot of patience to get through a pointless scene. The Persis Case – 17 seconds long Arya from Sayani Datta reads a newspaper and ends.

With a missing glass behind her, which turns out to be a sign of an unsatisfactory presence of a ghost. The fear of jumping is easy to predict. But producers seem to have anticipated it and are more focused on the story.