A week away was an American-based romantic musical film is set for its release

A week away was an American-based romantic musical film produced and directed by Roman White. With Alan Powell and River Bailey’s scenario.

The music focuses on troubled teenagers and their involvement in Christian summer camps after a run-in with law enforcement.

Took the film in Nashville. It would display songs reorganized from several of the biggest hits in contemporary Christian music and original music from film producers Adam Watts. Paul Becker and Melena Rounis specialize in dance numbers.

Alan Powell, who also wrote a scenario with Bailey times, produced the project with Steve Barnett and Gabe Vasquez. Vicky Patel served as an executive manufacturer. Rove Productions produced the film. Together with Vasquez and White.

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Plot for a week away:

When the trailer kicked, we were introduced to the man’s protagonist from this story, Will Hawkins. He may be an orphan guarded and required to attend a Christian summer camp, who, of course, he was not at all interested in attending.

Maybe you will give up on life because he has suffered a lot in his last past. He no longer found the need to open himself to things that might fix it.

He truly hates him when people try to be his Savior. Maybe he is familiar with his current life, or maybe he has lost all the hope to make it better.

When he left the bus to the summer camp, we saw him disappointed, because he didn’t know it was a church camp. But his friend felt that one week of their usual life.

It would be a happy element for them. The students reached a camping place, and while everyone was happy, it would be frustrated at all he saw there. He faced a face with camp organizers, owned the place, and watched his shirt with Aweagaway printed on it.

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The mistake would be his name and ask the story behind it:

Where the man-made him know that it signifies one more week. He feels that occasionally, someone is only a week of experience that might change everything for them. And we see that right. Will see Avery, a camper and ordinary princess from the camp owner, and fall in love with him.

At a glance, he will get to know that he is not an ordinary girl. His father is very optimistic and friendly. He is also a happy and lucky girl who lives completely. He saw his dance and sang with the students and realized that he needed to pretend something he did not fit.

We see will do water sports and keep all the weight on the side:

Who has leveled life and happiness? But when the film developed, we saw his pretense turns into reality, where he found what he really loved.

Close to Avery, he realized his love for singing. A sweet, sweet little story began to bloom among the two protagonists when they roamed around the place.

They know each other, and at first, they will feel that Avery is truly perfect, but he denies it. He opened him and told him that he tried to be someone. What everyone expected, and many times, it became tiring for him. I will feel the connection with whatever he said. Because he is also tired of pretending to be fine.

The star cast of a week away:

  • Bailee Madison.
  • Kevin Quinn.
  • Sherri Shepherd.
  • David Koechner
  • Jahbril Cook.
  • Kat Conner Sterling.
  • IAIN Tucker.

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The release date of a week away:

Seeing the trailer, we felt that the film would be a simple and sweet story. Without spices that did not need to be added there. Be prepared to glue yourself in front of your screen for a week. All arranged to arrive on your screen.

Starring Bailee Madison, Kevin Quinn, Goria Cunningham, Jahbril Cook, Kat Conner Sterling, In Tucker, and Sherri Shepherd, this film is ready to make its debut on the online streaming platform Netflix. It will be available for viewers on March 26, 2021.