While Manchester City reaches the FA Cup Semis, Guardiola & Co. feels inevitable

This is proof of Manchester City’s achievement under Pep Guardiola. Which makes history have become routine so that it barely registered.

But after beating Everton 2-0 at Goodison Park on Saturday to seal the place. In the FA Cup semifinals, the City was as good as three wins from another domestic treble.

They left him late against the Carlo Ancelotti team, with the 84th-minute header. Ilkay Gundogan broke the deadlock before replacing Kevin de Bruyne doubled the lead six minutes later. Still, the result was what we expected from this city team: victory.

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In this season’s trophy competition, City has won 15 and draws one of their 16 bonds:

A draw comes in the Champions League group match, which does not mean fighting FC Porto. In recent times, they have won around 25 of the last 26 matches in all competitions. With the only blip who came in a 2-0 defeat against Manchester United this month.

The losses at home for United at least show that can beat the City on holidays. But those days tend to come so rarely as a Halley comet. So we might wait for the upcoming one.

That’s why there’s a sense of disbelief about their pursuit of the three domestic trips. When City won the three Premier League, FA Cup, and Carabao – in 2019.

It was the first time he was carried out in English football history. It was quite praised as a unique achievement. But here we, two years later, and they are the opportunity to do it again.

With City Still Life in the Champions League and face Borussia Dortmund in the quarter-finals next month. They could even go better and attractive Quadruple.

Which will permanently be a historical eclipse of the United League-Premier League treble in 1999. But while the route The Champions League glory is blocked by the presence. Bayern Munich or Paris Saint-Germain in the semifinals. The road to domestic glory is less dangerous.

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With a 14-point advantage in Manchester United second place:

Who has played fewer games in the Premier League will take unprecedented collapse. By the City for the Guardiola children to miss the third title in four seasons.

Hence, success is all but also guaranteed. At the Carao Cup, Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham Hotspur can be a city shock in the final next month. But not if the latest form is something to pass. And to the FA Cup, although Chelsea, United, and Leicester City.

They have not chased the City, the reality is that the Guardiola team. It will be a favorite to defeat them all if they face it semifinals or finals. Southampton, who defeated Bournemouth on Saturday to qualify for the semifinals. It would not be expected to stop the city costs too.

The Ancelotti team desperately tried to win the club’s first main trophy. Since lifting the FA Cup in 1995, encouraging the City along the way at Goodison. They stood firmly behind, with the third goalkeeper Joao Virginia’s third and central defender Ben Godfrey was imposing.

In midfield, Allan enjoyed a bruising struggle with Fernandinho while Dominic Calvert-Lewin and Richarlison. Made life difficult for downtown Ruben Dias and America Laporte.

But regardless of their efforts, Everton could not test the city guard. Zack Steffen, represented for Ederson’s first choice, enough to score the day when Guardiola had no common smoothness.

The depth of the City’s quality is the reason they are closing in a repetition of the treble. With the game that is directed at an extra time, Guardiola could call Bruyne and Riyad Mahrez from the bank.

Everton eventually succumbed when Gundan scored the opener after Virginia had leaned by Virginia. When Bruyne did it 2-0 soon after, he assured a ladybird that does not reflect the game’s balance.

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“It was a really difficult game,” said Guardiola. “We saw Everton’s commitment, what concentrated were and defended truly aggressively, but we did not grant anything, we were patients. It was one of the most difficult games we have played in the last four months.”

Guardiola is right, it was a very difficult game for the City. But they still surpass it to win despite the challenge. That’s what this team is doing, week after week. So it is becoming impossible to see someone who stops in England.

Bayern or PSG could result from being immovable objects in the Champions League. Even so, the City has won six of the last nine domestic trophies, and at this moment. It seems that there is only one winner in England in each competition, and that is the City of Manchester.