Those Who Wish Me Dead Review: There are too many remaining hangings hanging and unexplored characters

That’s the green eye, which can switch from anger that communicates for desires. This is a well-known frown, which can destroy vulgarities and praise with the same APLomb. But it’s more than just her beauty. This is physical, which is forcing in a way that denies the thinness of the frame. The extraordinary charisma explosion that he brought to the screen.

However, for all the screen presence, Jolie does not guarantee good films.

For each of his films, I like it (like a direct effort on the sea), there are countless numbers that do not rise to the level of fame or skills.

Very frustrating to see one of the most interesting Hollywood stars. This is why it is very thrilling to see it remember the right vehicle screen.

Going into those who hope I die, I want to know more than everything, especially considering Taylor Sheridan’s involvement can be seen as a co-writer and director.

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(The film was also written by Charles Leavitt and Michael Koryta, based on the last book). Sheridan, the creator of the Hit Yellowstone series. It has been involved in work that interests me. Including as a writer of sicario and hell or high water.

But his first director’s efforts, Wind River, betrayed some uncomfortable racial politics. In his choice to focus on white direction (in a film about a murder on the reservation).

And did not suggest anything very interesting about the visual perspective and his narration as a filmmaker. But those who hope I die to surprise me.

Neo-Western work pierced was a slim adrenaline shot, exciting. Full of striking action in aesthetic decisions and boasted a few very pleasant turns of his actor.

Most importantly, it proves once again why Jolie is a star. Some compositions that most influences those who hope I die study these famous facial planes. Mapping the way can communicate longing, sadness, and Destructivity devil-care with clear eye sincerity.

The film began to be rather jagged:

Bouncing between Montana Mountain Ranges and the Florida coastline, because sets a stage for the violence that follows.

On paper, the plot sounds a little but holds it with me. Forensic accountant, Owen (Jake Weber), found and reported something he had never seen: News reports on district lawyers. A mysterious group of strong people, who want to keep the information hidden. Rent two paid killers, Jack (Aidan Gillen) and Patrick (Nicholas Houl) to track Owen.

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He departed with his young son, Connor (Finn Little), to obtain his former in-law’s help. Sheriff named Ethan (played by Jon Berny who was always strong) in Montana.

During his panic search for survival. Connor crossed the road with the smoke jumper Montana, Hannah (Jolie), who lived in the fire tower. Two bonds when they dodge the killer, who started a big fire to cause confusion.

This might sound rather tangled:

But this film is actually quite simple in narrative design, which is the best. The pleasure comes through a striking visual and the way they lend tension to the story.

Sheridan and his cinematography Ben Richardson treats the natural environment. With a sense of admiration that shows the power that works against the character:

The fire licks the sky, eating through everything on their way; There is a rolling Verdant hill; Water flows through the blue crystal river, not aware of horror at the end. There is a beauty at the moment, but below it is an understanding of its natural strength and fragility in the face of human destruction.

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(That Hannah and Connor’s fire competing with man-made did not disappear at me.) This beauty is established with some sequence.

Of action that truly strengthens. Where nature and others often work against characters. None of this will succeed if we are not invested in their fate. Because of the skills of the actors involved. This is a film that managed to make you care about the character like when putting it through hell.