HELLO CHARLIE REVIEW: The story tried its level best to recreate as a comedy genre but failed

Chirag Rastogi, also known as Charlie (Aadar Jain), landed in Mumbai from Indore without any plans. Burdened his late father was with debt, so enthusiastic Kessel had to find a way to return the loan to the family without his knowledge. As a quick solution, he took on the task of delivering the gorillas from Mumbai to Diu. Money is great, but it has its limits.

The animal in question is a refugee in a gorilla costume – industrialist McVanna (Jackie Shroff). After removing various banks, banana-hating con artists wanted to leave the country secretly and with that “smart idea”. Things didn’t go according to plan as they got mixed up with a real circus gorilla after a random plane crash. Will Makvana manage to escape or not?

Review and critical analysis of the film Hallo Charlie:

Screenwriter and director Pankaj Saraswat tries to make an old-school comedy that is pure, family-friendly. However, what you get is a ridiculous, outdated, uninteresting series of shows that are less entertaining and more annoying.

Charlie’s brains looking for rabbits can still hold you in moderation, but once the gorilla trail starts, it’s all downhill. Poorly written lines like, “Don’t you like bananas, Mr. McVanna?” Nor does it help.

Charlie and McVanna’s grueling road trip from Mumbai to Diu might be a worthy spectacle if there is chemistry or an uncomfortable friendship between the two. All you see is Charlie having verbal diarrhea and McVanna rolling her eyes in a fursuit.

Along the way, you will encounter many obstacles and meet various forgetful characters who will expand the story and test your patience. From the start, you know the direction of the film and still hope it will improve. Unfortunately, this was and will not remain a painful cliché.

Here’s the humor – you can’t force it.

I cannot compromise Clever comedy and writing time in comedy. If the other element is vital in the absence of both, it can still mask a predictable representation. Dhamaal Indra Kumar, Golmaal Rohit Shetty, and No Entry Anees Bazmee don’t have a story to tell, but Comedy of Mistakes stands out for its spontaneous appearance. Shows can lift simple stories and make silly cheerful noises.

For example, the Vinay Apte-Arshad Warsi “car scene” in Dhamaal is not impressive, but the idea is unforgettable. Two characters who reject each other are significant in sitcoms. Over-excited Aadar and disinterested Shroff (rightly so) weren’t the main characters in the root.

Last but not least, more than Jackie, when someone needs to take off the mask, it is Aadar. The actor is easy to spot and can do much better to get rid of Ranbir Kapoor’s hangover.

Her voice, mannerisms, and facial expressions were similar to those of her cousin, and even if it was not intentional, it was not in her favor. Elnaaz Noruzi is worthy of her short role. To get started on the movie hunt, it’s time for Bollywood to stop playing around.

To complicate things and create cases of fake identities etc.:

The real gorilla escapes the plane crash. Charlie also has conflicts with an opportunistic circus owner who wants to acquire the talented Toto. This Gujarati circus performs songs and dances from Padmini. Why is there an item number in Punjabi featured in the alleged children’s film in a circus tent in Gujarat?

Charlie finds an unexpected ally in the dancer Padmini (Shlok Pandit), who matches the circus owner. Together they free Toto, but can McVanna escape the police and Charlie’s stupidity?

The gorilla takes the stage of a human actor limited by a simple story from the show. If there were one comment about deception and cheating in this country, it would be suffocating from the bright colors, madness, and annoying characters that inhabit this face-slapping adventure.