Krishnankutty Pani Thudangi Movie Review: A great south Indian entertainment to watch

The trailer for “Krishnankutty Pani Thudangi” is full of suspense and horror from the story of a grandmother. Krishnankuti started working on the SeaFive and Sea Kerala platforms yesterday and finished destroying the trailer.

As you can see in the commercials, three-quarters of the film tells the taste of Grandma’s story. A mysterious large bungalow located alone. It was a forest enclave, surrounded by darkness, mystery, and destruction. Unnikannan arrived there one night.

The storyline and the plot of the Krishnankutty Pani Thudangi:

Beatrice’s character and the appearance of Sanya Ayapppan are exciting parts of the film. However, the film’s biggest disappointment and failure are that neither the director nor the script has managed to tell a story that would justify Beatrice’s character.

The film, which, when entirely revisited from Beatrice’s point of view, ended up being postponed from Unicanan’s point of view, the only reason why Wisnu Unicrishnan had more market value and rights to the station. Shit

Wisnu Unicrishnan is a factor of entertainment in the cinema. Vishnu’s role is vital in keeping the film alive. Wisnu, raised by Hrithik Roshan of Kattappana in dialogue with high-performance jargon, wants to follow Trisur’s jargon. Vigilance is a distinctive character that retains its meaning but is essential to the film.

The famous producer Santos Damodaran comes to the fore with a formidable character on the screen. The place is made without cracks.

Cinematographer Jeethu Damodar Anand Madhusoodanan identifies the background of two factors that determine the film’s mood. Opinions vary about editing.

At first, it feels like this is a movie that should hit the theater, but it’s often given to the OTD to make it feel good when it finally gets there. Anyone who calls this film “Krishnankuti has started work” must worship it. The relationship between the title and the film is about the connection between Sanya Ayyappan and Yasunari Kawabata.

The star’s name is Krishnankuti Pani Tudangi:

  • Wisnu Unikrishnan
  • Sania Iyyapan
  • Vigilesh
  • Santos Damodar
  • Dharmajan Bolgati
  • Jomon K John
  • Joy John Anthony
  • Tommy Kumbidikaran
  • Abhiya Sivakala
  • Sherin

Krishnankuti Pani Tudangi’s film review:

The film was directed by Sooraj Tom and produced by Noble Jose under the Peppercorn Studios production banner. The camera and script were produced by Jithu Damodar and Anand Madhusoodhanan, respectively.

The award for the processing comes from Kiran Das. Music by Anand Madhusoodhanan and lyrics by Harinarayan. Wisnu Unikrishnan and Sania Iyapan will star, and many other actors will appear in supporting roles in the film.

The actors who will appear in the film and play essential roles in the film are very talented and experienced, have worked in many famous films, and gained popularity with their outstanding work.

In this film, the actors performed very well and fulfilled their respected roles. Wisnu Unikrishnan outlines the leading role, who is also an Indian actor and screenwriter. This was primarily shot in a Malayalam film.

Sania Iappan, who plays the female lead, is also an Indian actress best known for her role in Queen and Lucifer. She also received the award for the Best Female Debut in the South at the Filmfare Awards in 2018.

If we talk about the trailer, she had 3.2 million views and was liked by 43,000 viewers. The audience liked the trailer, and their reactions were positive.

The action looks promising and full of fun. The producers decided to publish the film directly on the OTT platform. The film will premiere on April 11, 2021, on Amazon Prime Video. If you want to watch the film, you will need to purchase a subscription to the Amazon Prime Video app to enjoy all the streaming movies.