The Voyeurs Review: Erotic Thriller Mohan is the same as a silly & serious part

Sidney Sweeney and Justice Smith star in the naughty, silly and deeply confusing erotic thriller “Voyeurs”. Its perfect for a new generation of fans. Viewers have long been thirsty for a wholly absurd but s*xy erotic thriller. With a heady mix of exciting people doing stupid and dangerous things for an absolute thrill. In Voyeurs, screenwriter and director Michael Mohan takes all the lessons. From the genuinely wild erotic thrillers of the 1990s and brings them into modern times. With a dose of Alfred Hitchcock’s Back Window and Brian De Palma’s Body Double.

Voyeurs perfectly captures everything you need to love the genre.

In The Voyeurs, a young couple, Pippa and Thomas (Sweeney and Smith). Who move into their first apartment together in Montreal, Canada. They want to spend the rest of their 20s having fun, embracing their relationship.

And making their way in their respective careers. Before becoming more responsible adults with marriage and possibly kids. Pippa and Thomas are in love, but Pippa seems to crave some extra spice in their relationship.

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She was young and beautiful, and at first sight, she regretted not having her own wild story about college. But his insatiable appetite was finally satisfied. When he and Thomas discovered that they had entered their neighbour’s apartment.

Through a large window without curtains. Which also had a large window with curtains kept open. (Seriously, none of these people see you on Netflix? Don’t make the same mistake Beck did!)

Mohan put together a lot of teams to do an excellent job in this film.

Thanks to Elisha Christian, The Voyeurs kicks off this heady need to meet someone with some fantastic directors and cameras. Through the highly clever use of mirrors, reflections, windows, cameras and framing. Voyeurs gives viewers the feeling that they are both voyeurs and being watched.

Will Bates amplifies the tension with a perfectly measured score. That hits all the right notes to get the blood pumping or make one hold one’s breath. In anticipation of what’s coming next. Apart from that, Mohan’s story is entirely wild. He never goes down the expected path and still enjoys the absurdity of it all.

The film could quickly fail due to poor dialogue, a bold score, or inconsistent direction and script. But Mohan and his team take the story seriously. While it’s silly at times, it’s just the nature of the story and twists and turns.

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That make one wonder what just happened. There is respect in homage to film noir and erotic thrillers. That have come out that have endured catapults and arrows being labelled dirty, disgusting, and downright stupid. However, Mohan touched on what viewers and fans of this drama sub-genre longed for, namely pure madness.

Sweeney and Smith and Natasha Liu Bordizzo and Ben Hardy played each of their roles to perfection.

Sweeney and Smith brought a sense of lightness to their roles, making audiences sympathize with these seemingly passionate people. While Bordizzo and Hardy effortlessly play s*xy and seductive neighbours who pray to be watched.

Sweeney and Smith are precisely what this movie needs. Because their respective fan bases from their HBO show. The Euphoria and Generation are people who will love this film.

Bordizzo and Hardy tend to find a larger relevant audience. Because it should draw more attention to their work and, frankly, their incredible talent. The entire ensemble carries a narrative with decent commitment.

With each show aware of the nature of the story. And offering far more scalable characters than it may seem at first glance. Especially Bordizzo, who deserves credit for being excellent for spying on his neighbours with a few surprises up his sleeve.

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Overall, the voyeurs were successful in what they did. It’s s*xy, stupid, and very messy. For those who thrived in the era of Basic Instinct, Bonded, Wild Things, and Double Body. Mohan offers a modern take on how to belittle a genre that is so belittled and reverently ridiculed. It will ideally treat people over 20, but older audiences will be okay with it. Voyeurs is a stylish and elegant erotic thriller that is a must-see.