“The Four of Us” Review: This Netflix comedy takes a new and addictive approach to modern relationships

The film touches on relevant topics that bother modern couples. Without being taken too seriously with a playful cast of actors. Immediately after a month-long trial pair swap, two couples – Niels, Ioannina, Ben and Maria – came to a house on the beach to talk about their experiences. They soon discover that the pair broke the experiment’s rules. Making the four friends rethink their feelings for each other, their pasts, and their hopes.

Before long, Janina, an influential social media reporter;

How director Florian Gotchik shot this particular series. He discovers that his partner Ben and his friend Maria broke the only rule he made when he started swapping partners. He faints and wants to look Ben in the eye for four minutes. Perhaps to express his feelings for each other without any words. Along with the montage of individual characters and music. It conveys precisely what Janina wants. There was a flurry of emotions until they all got up violently.

On the one hand, the sequence encapsulates the ups and downs of this German comedy. That touches on some relevant topics but never follows them because they are not taken seriously. And that also benefits him.

The film is about two couples – Nils (Jonas Nye) and Maria (Paula Kahlenberg) and Ben (Luis Nietzsche) and Ioannina (Nilam Farouk). The dynamics of the relationship between them. After a four-week pair swap experiment. The four came to a house on the beach to explain. What they learnt from their experience. However, after Ben and Maria things turn around and reluctantly reveals. That they have fallen in love and violated the only rule of the trial. Within a day, a series of discussions take place. They are tested, and they are forced to re-evaluate their feelings for each other and their expectations.

There are movies like Carnage which are again about two couples who use a talking table to reveal their relationship. What Carnage does well is file a primary complaint and then deal with it. However, the four of us stayed away from this tactic.

These are the film’s strengths, but also its weaknesses:

Because instead of warding off and dealing with problems in a relationship. The film quickly moves on to the next topic after a witty joke, acid reflux, or prank. He achieves that he manages to cover multiple topics. In limited screen time while exposing a layer or two of his ambitious character.

Niels, played by Jonas Nye, is arguably the person who benefits from him. Both in the story and in character development. He starts as a heartless and sarcastic individual. But soon grows towards you once you find out why he is always working. The classic sequence saw him take the call. While the other three were in the midst of emotional turmoil. And told the callers he would email them in two minutes. The other three can only reply after the letter is sent.

Luis Nietzsche, as failed actor Ben. Who is struggling with some of his ex-girlfriend’s issues on his body. Also leads part of the story. While Janina’s advances and emotional manipulation ultimately make sense, Paula Kahlenberg’s character, Maria, doesn’t deserve it. Her ambition also fuels Janina’s obsession with social media. And this is also the subject of a debate between her and Ben, who is fighting over the job.

The film is also filled with examples where audiences are tricked into empathizing. With a character before a new set of truths is released to turn things around.

It’s nice to see the four of us again because the surprises keep coming.

Since the pandemic and restrictions have resulted in several films being shot indoors. With a limited cast and crew, the four of us have never felt this way. Even though most of them are in a house on the beach. The way Florian tells the story so as not to get too deep into the main topic. That also reflects the attention sometimes paid to relationships.

This film offers a new take on contemporary relationships from polygamy, bisexuality, changing partners to internet connection and childlessness. He also served up some adorable laughs along the way.