“Mai Bhi Barbaad” Review: The thrilling romance between Angad Bedi & Hina Khan has set the stage on fire

The long-awaited music video by Hina Khan and Angad Bedi was released today. The new music video “Mai Bhi Barbaad” hums from first sight. Hina Khan is seen and also has transformed into a whole new dark form. Angad Bedi also does a great job, as the chemistry between the actors is fascinating to watch. A teaser was released for the song, prompting fans to release a music video.

Saregama Originals produced the music video, and singer Yasser Desai provided the voice for it.

The video features a story of betrayal between two gang members. Hina Khan sees herself in a whole new avatar. Her dark cabbage eye makeup effectively showcases Hina’s dark character in the song. Angad Bedi was handed over to a street fighter with many tattoos. Hina Khan looks in a negative light, and her dress style is great too.

The way he expressed his anger and feelings of betrayal was truly commendable. Hina outdid herself in the music video. He got a lot of gratitude and love from the fans. Hina Khan has made many music videos in recent months. His song “Baarish Ban Jana” with Shaheer Sheikh is viral on the internet.

Hina Khan and Angad Bedi are out for a walk because they want to cause severe damage. His latest single, Main Bhi Barbad, sees him as two mafia gang leaders, all dressed stylishly and looking dangerous.

This video directed by Aditya Datt features some stunning visual effects and creates an atmosphere of intrigue, nervousness, passion, and ultimately betrayal.

Hina Khan, who seems to be in stark contrast to her past performances, said, “I fell in love with the song. The song is full of pain and sadness and I can’t get the annoying melody out of my head. This is a video shot in style with a groove interesting story. And a lot of fun wearing the look I put on the song. I’m really excited to see how the fans react to this song.”

Sung with particular emotional vigour by the brilliant Yasser Desai:

The song is composed by Gourav Dasgupta. Who recently emerged from the Dream Mein Entry charts. At the same time, the lyrics were formulated by renowned lyric poet Kunwar Juneja.

The video, directed by the talented Aditya Dat, features some stunning visual effects and creates an atmosphere of intrigue, nervousness, passion and ultimately betrayal. In the fight against the mafia cartel, Hina plays the gang leader, while Angad plays their trusted assistant with deep passion and romance. There’s a quite delicious twist at the end that echoes the thought of the song: Love Betrays.

Hina Khan, who looks very different from her past performances, said quite of the song, “I do fell in love with the main hook line of the song – Main Bhi Barbaad Tu Bhi Barbaad Hain. It was really so full of pain and sadness and I couldn’t keep the annoying melody out of my head. It’s a stylishly shot video with an interesting storyline. And it’s really fun to wear the look I did in the song. I am very happy to see the reaction of the fans of this song. “

Angad Bedi, who is covered in some fantastic tattoos. It said, “It’s an offensive composition. He talks about love, loss, and destruction – all of which make relationships interesting and provocative. This video has a great story and is stylishly edited by Aditya. I’m sure this will be a heartbreaking song that will be on people’s playlists for years to come. Also that this song has a good relationship. With the millennial audience because it is not faked. It’s gray… we live in gray, not black and white. “