The Bombay Rose Review: An extravaganza treats to the viewers

The Bombay Rose is one of the first screenings at the International Critic Week at the 2019 Venice Film Festival, but recently an animated film is available outside the festival circle.

An extraordinary visual party, Bombay Rose, put together using a frame painted individually with difficulty:

This technique – a traditional animated hybrid and computer-assisted animation – lends a unique and detailed visual language to the film.

Listen to an undisputed art style rich and different back to classical art forms. There is an exciting hand quality here, which is like that.

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This story evokes the old Bollywood ethic when it’s called Bombay Cinema. And even though it didn’t impress like a visual, he served his purpose. Kamala lived with her grandfather and her sister Tara. He made a garlands flower to make a living, but unnoticed to his family, he was also Moonlights as a bar dancer.

As a child, he was forced to get married, and his grandfather took him and his sister to Mumbai. Salim, a young Kashmir man who fled his house violence, struggled to find work. He fell in love with Kamala, and he was with him. He is a Muslim and a Hindu.

But not all bright in the film, forgive those words.

Like the Hindi film that respects yourself, here there are also threatening criminals called Mike. He knew about the actual profession of Kamala and promised his life in Dubai. He also warned Salim from Kamala.

There are other characters too. She was a woman who used to be a movie star, and until now, she was still obsessed with her glory days. Some clockmakers can repair the antique toys that you throw at him. A deaf orphan, with a place to go, take home by Tara.

There are also some cats for cat lovers. The life of this character interacts beautifully and organically. Characters in Bombay Rose are written with depths that equip their visuals. And provide an atmosphere of authenticity for their world.

This authenticity also comes from the direction of Gitanjali Labor. For example, Background scores in Bombay Rose are just what they played on the streets when the scene. For example, the wedding procession (west) music accompanies the moment of Kamala and Salim stated, without words, their love for each other.

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The feeling of dreams of Pervades Bombay Rose goes beyond visual and sound.

There is evident respect for the city and how migrants flock. From every corner of the country to build a new life. But Bombay Rose also did not refuse to draw attention to what was not so good about the top city. Perfectly captures the contradiction.

It’s almost impossible to exaggerate how beautiful this film is. The glowing reviews have prepared this clerk for something special, but it turns out better. Not because of Peter Jackson. They won’t be old having something impressive this visually.

For my pleasure, this film plays a classic tracks

Somewhat like ‘Yeh Mera Dil’ and ‘Hoon Abhi playing Jawan’. Bombay Rose is an era of ‘Bombay cinema’ when people devote themselves from different corners of India.

With the hope of making it big – and the city itself takes a more multilevel character where people are rich. They are the sharpest teeth, Win.

After watching the film several times, I found myself wondering about the life of the flower seller from whom I bought a weekly supply of roses, jasmine, and chrysanthemum flowers.

Bombay Rose makes you think about your own life and your interaction with people in various layers of society – without instructing you to do so.

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Will Bombay Rose work as a live-action film? Maybe, but I feel it won’t have the desired nostalgic effect and longing throughout the audience.

This film has a lot of view of watching, considering there is so much packed into it; To the extent that you might find yourself living with representatives through their character and difficulties. So, don’t become a phool and miss this.