“That’s My Jam” Review: Where Jimmy Fallon and Celebrity Friends Play Music-related Games

Jimmy Fallon’s signature late-night host (which he’s been doing for 12 years between his two shows!) This is where he gets his guests to play.

Of course, this is fun, but it also shows that the guests are the least guarded. Because of that, the game makes for a good spin-off series like Lip Sync Battle. So why not incorporate some of his most famous musical plays on your show?

Jimmy Fallon facing the jam band:

This will provide live music for That’s My Jam. There is a polar teddy bear at the group’s back for some reason. In the series That’s My Jam, Fallon hosts a game night of sorts in which four celebrities. Which is divided into two teams, compete in music-related games. That are becoming increasingly popular on The Tonight Show.

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In the preview episode (the series closes on Monday, January 3 at its usual schedule). The celebrity contestants are The Voice coaches Blake Shelton and Ariana Grande on one team, and Kelly Clarkson and John Legend on the other. Four super racing coaches fight for a good cause and the grand prize on the big stage. A silver boombox trophy emblazoned with the show’s name.

The games they play: “Perfect Mashup”, which combines the lyrics of one song with the melody of another. And the first to ring with the title track mix of two songs wins points; “The Vinyl Countdown”, where one of the team member is given a band name. And the others have to guess the band without saying their name.

An aerial guitar where Jimmy blows his breath into the curious faces of the team. That got the curious question wrong or the other team also if the question is answered correctly. “The Wheel of Impossible Karaoke,” where athletes spin the wheel offering a variety of live karaoke challenges; and “Slay It, Don’t Spray It”, where “Doom Box” sprays one of the teams. With the water if they can’t fill in the missing text.

We were all fans of Fallon games on Late Night and The Tonight Show before 2016:

When he ruffled Donald Trump’s hair and attracted people en masse to Stephen Colbert. Which is mainly because he showed celebrities in silent mode where their defences waned and exposed their competitive nature. So it makes sense that the show full of celebrities that made this game work would do. He worked for the Lip Sync Battle, which ran for five seasons.

Of course, it depends on the celebrities involved; Fallon and Co. were good at having The Voice coach in the first episode. And it wasn’t just because the singing contest aired earlier that night.

The coaches had great chemistry with each other after months (years, for everyone but Grande). And they were all competitive on their shows in the beginning. When she sees Shelton poke fun at the show, Clarkson joins in every game, and Grande apologizes for being too young to know. That it’s fun to watch some weird fact or song.

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It also helps that the game is based on all four participants who have great voices (yes, even Blake if you like country). During Wheel of Impossible Karaoke, Clarkson and Grande exchange various songs from pop divas. You know, they both got over it – For God’s sake, Kelly did “Kellyoke” on her talk show – and they both kicked her out of the park.

So That’s My Jam is more than just a game show than a mixed game. If you saw it that way, you wouldn’t be so critical of the idea that no “civilian” athlete might risk life-changing money. But when one of the teams makes a mistake – something Fallon and his producers usually understand healthy – specific episodes drag him down.

While Fallon himself cuts his confectioner’s joy in half, That’s My Jam is a fun twist that shows that his celebrity friends are the least guarded. And the music is pretty good too.