“Love Never Lies” Review: A Spanish reality show where a couple is tested for their relationship with a polygraph

Before Love Never Lies, Netflix’s new real Spanish relationship competition, we never knew about EyeDetect. This technology scans people’s eyes when they ask questions to see if they’re lying or not. This is a real thing that is considered more accurate than a polygraph. So it seems inevitable that they will use it to ask people. If they cheated on their partner during a reality show. Read more.

Presenter Monica Naranjo walks along the beach and talks about the new reality series Love Never Lies location. “Beautiful atmosphere. A natural paradise to enjoy love. And six couples who will do anything to win 100,000 euros.

Love never lies six partners:

All of them had trust issues in their past and were placed in a beautiful villa. Yes, there are temptations, like other members of the couple. But at the heart of the series, as Narango explains, is truth and lies.

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The participants started with a loan of 40,000 euros. Each participant was asked about their relationship during each round and underwent a new lie detector test called EyeDetect; it should be 90% accurate. If they actually tell us the truth, no matter how painful it is for their partner. They will add 1000 euros to the deposit. If they lie, the pot is said to be reduced by €1,000. The winning pair may bring in 100,000 euros during the race, depending on the integrity of the matter.

The first episode is full of introductions where we hear about six couples. Five of the opposite s*x, one of the same s*x – and the reason they are there. Narangio then describes dual races. We don’t see much domestic bullshit like most of the first episode is preoccupied with the first session. Where the couple hears a hurtful truth or lie that costs them their money.

One couple, Adrian and Laura, were embarrassed at the end of the first session. Adrian admits to Laura, who mostly thinks he’s lying all the time. That he dated and slept with 3 women at the start of their relationship.

The first episode of Love Never Lies spends a lot of time showing the highlights from the upcoming season:

And that’s because the show’s true purpose wasn’t clear in the first episode. We look at the introduction, the first revelation of lies and truth, and some consequences. And if the show were just that, it would probably be pretty dull and a little fluid. But Narangjo suggested in the first episode that the producers had more for this unstable couple; There will be a lot of temptation, especially in the form of outside visitors.

We wondered what the couple had prepared for them when we saw only one same-s*x partner in the mix. If only they communicated, how would it work with Fran and Jose? But the producers won’t just send people — or people from the contestants’ past, or just random cool people — they’ll also separate the pairs and send half of each pair to a second home.

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They’re trying to test these guys. And we’re wondering if there’s any money left to win at the end of the season. While most people tell the truth in the first episode, it feels like it won’t last long. Is it worth ending your relationship because it could cost so little money? We assumed we would understand.

Love Never Lies to be different in real dating contests, but we’ve seen most of what this show has to offer in the past, and it’s a format we’ve never been more comfortable with.