“Tharagathi Gadhi Daati” Review: A remake of the series Flames which is worth watching

If there’s one thing EDF excels at, it’s telling local stories that flow with authenticity. Tharagathi Gadhi Daati is a remake of the Hindi Flames series, which manages to convey the soul of the original, even if a local feel is added. And director Malik Ram deserves it.

Kittu (Harshit) is a bright student, but he is interested in cooking and takes it to a professional level.

Things does changes for him when a girl named Jasmine (Payal) enters his life. Love blooms, and when all goes well, the love story has a big problem. This problem and how this young couple will solve it are the main story of Tharagathi Gadhi Daati.

Harshit was pretty cool in the lead role and took the chance that they gave to him. The way he is emotional and shows subtle emotions is impressive. Payal, who plays woman, is also neat. While initially struggling with the progress of the show, it was also impressive. Raman Bhargav acts as a strict father and teacher. Nil is also great and has an amazing on-screen presence. Snehal Kamat did well as Madhu.

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Monish Bhupati Raju Cinema is beautiful because Rajahmundry and the surrounding area are well represented. The story is simple and doesn’t have a lot of twists and turns. The show depends on the light story and how the main characters play and sustain the show.

The music and background music is good, and it feels like listening to the melody of Ilayaraya. The cropped parts are perfect because the scene doesn’t drag. Malik Ram directs the show, and the way he views the show looks decent.

This series is the official remake of the hit series Flames.

Malik Ram adapted it well and made it even more beautiful in Rajamundri. The first three episodes are particularly impressive as subjects like romance, relationships, friendships are easy to tell. This episode looks fresh, and the small-town backdrop adds to the value.

But the show isn’t safe here and there. The last two episodes are somewhat predictable. One would expect a stronger ending, but the show ends on one modest note. The dialogues make the audience tense and the young characters are well presented.

One of the really best parts of this show is that the central theme isn’t too distorted. Such shows don’t do much in Telugu, and it’s nice to see the makers try out such themes and keep them honest. Aside from the somewhat predictable scenes here and there and the lack of twists and turns, this show will make a decent impression with its freshness.

He fell in love with her at first sight and started taking advice from his best friend on dealing with him.

The characters of his friends also translate well into Telugu and even make you laugh in some scenes. The scene between Kitu and Jasmine won’t bore you, even if you hate teen romance because their chemistry is so natural. It’s comforting that Malik doesn’t take away the innocence of these characters.

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While the transition from falling in love to a relationship is smooth, the conflict slows down. The scenes become less attractive but still leave enough intrigue. The climax, which includes mature writing and plausible scenes, sets things up again.

Harshit is impressive and feels good. There’s nothing wrong with him looking good too. Nil Devadula will hold you in front of the screen when active. Both have a bright future. Payal and Snehal are expressive and give their best roles. The rest of the cast is really good.

However, the best thing about this series is the story. Malik’s way of connecting math equations to life is fun and connected. And here’s all the logic!