Shantit Kranti Review: Suicide and self-help lessons as the orientation of three friends in adulthood

Three older men who had been friends for years jumped into the car and drove to Goa. It’s not Dil Chahta Hai, but a web series by Marathi that pays homage to the film on its 20th anniversary, even if it serves its purpose.

Shreya, Dinar and Prasanna were years old when they first saw Dil Chahta High School in Pune. Already in adulthood, but regretfully, all three take the tried and tested path to the journey of enlightenment.

His fiancé dismisses Shreas (Abhai Mahajan) for reasons he does not know.

Dinar (Alok Rajwade) drinks too much, and it seems unreasonable. Prasana (Lalit Prabhakar) receives a final warning that his youth is over: his wife is about to give birth to a baby.

Beer, beach and Goa are inviting. But Shreias, whose eyes began to glow madly, went instead to Shantivan, a solitude for meditation in Lonavala. Between deep breathing exercises and nature exercises, the three learn to accept that boys can’t be boys forever.

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Shantit Kranti is one of the latest web series featuring from the Marathi Bharatiya Digital Party YouTube channel. by Sarang Sathaye, Paula McGlynn, and Anusha Nandakumar are the creators, the channel known to fans as BhaDiPa publishes comic sketches that humorously convey Marathi manners.

For Shantit Kranti, the founders contacted their Hindi partner, The Viral Fever. Directed by Sathaye and McGlynn, the six-part series will be released on Sony LIV.

Despite being overwhelmed and undemanding, Shantit Kranti barely thrived. Dishonest humour and good character lead the episode through banal and endless satire to Dil Chahta High.

The much desired return to an embryonic state by a newly grown man causes many moments of laughter. Shocking remarks and derogatory quotes fly swiftly and swiftly between truly trustworthy friends in the misfortune they cause and their loyalty to one another.

The energetic exterior provides a very softcore.

Two men have problems with their father. The third is about to become a father himself. Therefore, it is not surprising that the initial ridicule of Ashram’s self-realization methods led to acceptance and obedience. The revolution promised in the title turned out to be another sneaky prank.

In addition to excellent performances by Abhay Mahajan, Alok Rajwade and Lalit Prabhakar, the series features the unique twists and turns of Shikha Talsania as the retreat manager Vijay Nikam as a mysterious soul who exudes wisdom. Suhita Tate makes a brief but memorable cameo as a grieving woman connected to Prasana Prabhakar.

Abhay Mahajan did a great job speaking to the unannounced squad leader. One of his most important moments is when he realizes that life will be much smoother when he comes out of bondage or that it is time to let go of a failed relationship. There is never a dull moment when displayed on the screen.

Lalit Prabhakar is very easy as a structured and directed Prasana. He perfectly portrays the weakness of his character. Whether it’s his downfall during music therapy or his relationship with his middle-aged roommate on a retreat, this actor is absolutely a delight to watch.

Alok Rajwade’s actions are healthy as he finds a good balance between his comedic and emotional scenes.

The energy is contagious in all the scenes, and the actors are visually pleasing in some. His statement about declaring himself the group’s “Aamir Khan” is unquestionable. Veere Di Wedding Talsania’s wedding actress debut in Marathi OTT is refreshing to watch.

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He is very realistic in his actions, and his scenes with Abhay Mahajan are of interest to the witnesses. Other supporting actors who played the role of residents and employees of the retreat were also convincing with their achievements.

Nihil Arolkar’s cinematography captures the beautiful locations of environmental trips and retreats. Saurabh Bhalerao’s music is very catchy and upbeat. However, editing can be more demanding in some places.