‘Navarasa’ review: Mixed bag with more errors than hits

In Bijoy Nambiar’s Edhiri, who plays like a Christian fairy tale in Mambalam Barat, two parallel shots simultaneously set their main characters and relationships that might remind you of similar shots in Thalapati.

And Come Ratnam is credited for the story here. Only then do we get the actual goal of being shot, made for toys, with our perception of how we understand the main character, played by Revathi and Vijay Setupathi.

This is short about forgiveness, and hence, a drama is built firmly on guilt and regret, driven by murder.

Because it’s about ‘guilt’, PB Sreenivas’ great ‘Manithan Enbavan’ rolling credit. When the lyrics suggest, the character gets a moment to lift them with God’s status, only if they choose not to give up on emotions.

The only problem is, Edhiri is too basic, too familiar. Or at least the way Nambiar builds a scene. Psychopathology Guilt requires more thoughts.

Not a new thing for Vijay Settupathi. He is Dheena here, who is in the run for the evil he does not mean in the first place. Think of the fantastic portion of Setupathi from Iraiiv.

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What Cheenu Mohan said in the film was what Revathi said in this matter. Word for word [dialogue is by Vijay Setupathi and MK Mani].

This can be debated as a new rendition of Sethupathi’s character playing with Cuplomb in Iraivi. Given the shorter format, the resolution is too easy.

But it was indeed engaging at the end, where we saw not only Sethupathi but Revathi also shaded the cross. The biggest takeaway is, if you ever enjoy the remake of Nambiar Thalapathi, we know who will play what.

Summer Priyadarshan 92 is where we feel the emotion of regret in the complete form meant by the previous film.

In short, it should be based on the actual incident that happened to the innocent Malayalam actor. Wondering which part of the Priyadarshan incident felt very funny, I pulled it to base its shortening.

It was also in Tamil. It’s about Velusakamy (Yogi Babu), a successful comedian that reflects the actor’s real life. They returned to his village to give a speech at the function of the hundred years of his school.

Maybe because of the format, it’s short using tiring sound techniques to build velusakamy and his memory about the village. “Beautiful memories like that,” Velusakamy remains, looked at the plants and made us realize how bad we missed Cheman.

Even the memories distributed by Velusakamy to make their points. About ‘You do not need to be educated to be successful’ very superficial where supremacy and castle pride are made to look like a harmless joke.

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Wisnu (Arvind Swami) has found a key for a box that maps our future with the past and now. He revealed this discovery that was rather important with his friend Krishna (Prasanna), who worked in Isro.

Discuss the creation of the universe and interconnected life.

Project Agni, on paper, is a high concept film. Or at least think so by using large and striking concept-oriented words such as Sumerian civilization, advanced alien programs, apocalypse, but the explanation is Desi Kodambakkam.

In short, it is about time. It’s about the mind. It’s about dreams. It’s about projection. It’s about memories. It’s about the beach. It’s about Martha, sorry. It’s about a hero who lives long enough to be a criminal. It’s about ‘Non, Je ne regrette rein. It’s about a twisted climax.

Yes, we understand. Karthick Naren adored Nolan. It borrowed a lot from Nolan films and maybe, interviewed too. Short, although made well and better than two before, has no originality and vision. It’s time for filmmakers to end making tribute fanboys.

The general nature flowing through the first four films is that each of them starts with a quote or say. For example, Payasam Vasanth has a quote by Diane Ackerman. This is a silly way to introduce your film to viewers. Why don’t you let us, attendance, decide what?

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Payasam is something sweet. A good premise or rigid arrangement (take place in 1965) created a severe termination; The wall between viewers and characters does not allow us to immerse ourselves in it fully. In short, it feels a little not in place when compared to the others, and of course, the least interesting among what I caught.