Dial 100 Movie Review: It is the Thriller Film that takes you to the edge of the seat but does not give you a lot of passion

Manoj Nikhil Sood Bajpayee is a Senior PI directly from the family. Only with a post that is not significant as a Raj-DK show. He was stressed due to emotional chaos at home.

And brought a burden with him to his station. Where he attended an emergency call made by the public. On a day that was not too good, Nikhil received an unknown call from Seema Pallav (Neena Gupta).

Who threatened it by expressing suicidal thoughts.

Nikhil Juggles between his wife Prerna (Sakshi Tanwar) called him to complain. About his son repeating the actions that violated the law and the strange woman.

Who gave him a sociopath vibration in an emergency call. When the rotating bend was decomposed, Seema caught Prerna. As a hostage exposing a relationship that was not too surprising between the three characters.

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Imagine the family man, but Shrithant was revealed to be a PI. Priya Mani somehow turned into Sakshi Tanwar, Dhriti was lost because he might have gone somewhere. With his new boyfriend, Atharv all grew as a child. All of these characters are in the settings, unlike the thrilling show.

Because you can sniff the bend before, therefore inhibiting sensation. The story of Rensil D’Silva has meat but fails to raise the intrigue. Because of the careless execution of the ‘great revelation’ scene.

There is always a clue about what will happen next, and I’m suitable with each of them.

The scene where Nikhil realized Seema knew him with his name half-baked was followed up directly by a decent officer like him. In other order, Nikhil is displayed calling numbers who want to know who they have but cannot because the call is missed.

He didn’t even try using a free caller ID application that was already available on a smartphone. I know it can be cheated too, but in this case, it is a personal number & he can at least try to find out?

There are many opportunities like things to be too convenient to justify the plot in the course, inhibit narratives. The Niranjan Iyengi dialogue is also a significant reason why drama has never increased to adrenaline.

I understand that Neena’s character is an ordinary woman & hence you can’t give the dialogue set. But it gives lines like [light spoiler in front] “so that Tumne Ne Police Station se bahar nicle, anyway will die aur so that police Tumne Ko involves Kiya toh Bhi Prerna will die” just wrong.

Camerawork Anuj Rakesh Dhawan with an exciting tension on Manoj’s face through a few shots of medium & close-ups.

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Manoj Bajpayee’s Performance is still the central peak of this film:

Which can indeed be predictable as a film bend. He took the same character as a family man, scored it differently to prove his astronomical variations. He made everything look so easy to do, even some scenes that were too dramatic with the best smoothness.

In the first 15 minutes, we can hear the voice of Neena Gupta. And my first reaction is: “Great actors can act even through their voices” (considering Scarlett Johansson from him). The problem starts with the development of its character. He has fun with the care that hinders the delivery of dialogue more than once.

With the type of talent, Neena Ma’am has, character sketches should be better. I can put up paste every comment that I just made on the performance of Neena Ma’am to explain the presence of Sakshi Tanwar in the film.

There is a very long and very long sight (a little more than 2 minutes). Towards the end where Sakshi just cries his heart. In a certain way, the scene summarizes the entire film that shows the actor’s ability vs script inequality. Even though you can’t feel enough for Sakshi’s pain because of the weak execution. But it didn’t rule how beautiful he was in that scene.

All significant film hiccups are because Rensil D’Silva is not up-to-the-mark story & screenplay.

The main subplot of this film reminded me of Badla & after that. I could not help but compare the two, ended disappointed with how well I could do this in the same way.

Raju Singh’s background score starts well without being very hard, but it’s too disturbing in the last round. Singh has become a big name that composes the soundtrack for too many television shows. But he fails to praise the tension designed on the screen.

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All said and done. Dial 100 is a thriller film that takes you to the edge of the chair. But doesn’t give you a lot to be excited about. It encourages you to the point where you will expect uncertainty, but your prize is what you have expected.