Chutzpah Review: The new Sonyliv show Varun Sharma has nothing to stop

With everywhere social media, millions worldwide are tempted. By the timing of the virtual world that promises instant validation. In the form of likes, comments and retweets. Sony Liv’s new show, Chutzpah, explored how it was glance it was not gold. And how the online avatar was envy-induced more often than not #instasham. But in doing so, he used a stale trop, including the sensation of social media. That struggled with body image, and John Tucker had to die-esque conspiracy to bring down a misogynistic woman.

Directed by Simarpreet Singh, Chutzpah has a different but interconnected story.

Kevin Paul (Gautam Mehra) is the creator of content. Whose car is to remind everyone to ‘like, share, comment on. And who attracts the widespread attention of influencer Deepali Shah (Aashima Mahajan). Flatmate, Prateek Chawla (Kshitij Chawa), bragging about being Casanova who can captivate any woman to her bed.

Rishi (Manjot Singh) is a really shy person. Who is struggling to talk to women and turn to porn sites? To fulfil his wishes. Here, he met Camgirl Wild Butterfly (Elnaaz Norouzi), who kept his secrets.

Vikas Bhalla (Varun Sharma) was a Punjabi boy who was spoiled. Who struggled to adjust to the nature of ‘Atmanirbhar (Mandiri)’ from Boston. While also maintaining a long-distance relationship. With his college girlfriend Shikha (Asked Maniktala).

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From Bois Locker Room (converted into a guys locker room here) for the trolling devil. Chutzpah touches the dark side of social media. However, barely scratching the surface. There are less mature subplots about a man. Who grows obsessed with influencer writings. And relatives who continue to disturb the visa for a visa sponsor. Who seems to be worn by the author of Mrighkeep Singh Lamba and Amit Babbar.

While Chutzpah took a slow glacier approach in several parts. Repeated Kevin’s living sessions, Vikas and Shikha video calls – it accelerated through others. A revenge video like a woman shared online, but she shrugged. The only other reference for this incident is a brief Adider.

That shows the arrest of men who have features in the video. But people who upload strange seems to be free. In another example, a man displays nude photos of women’s stakeholders during the presentation. In an attempt to be fired but barely get raped in finger books. This is a type of inconsistency that defines the show.

Performances redeeming some weaknesses of Chutzpah:

Fukrey Duo Varun and the time of comic Manjot at that time. Gautam convinced when the creator of content. That was obsessed and asked to have a charming quality him. However, the show had never found a way out of pedestrians. And did not have many things to stop him from scrolling the past.

The development of characters is in place, and, unfortunately, it resonates with a more audience than the plot. Varun Sharma’s love story and asked Maniktala were somewhat charming. Tanya (known for playing the lead in ‘suitable boy’) made the most of its limited screen time. Varun and Manjot, the ‘Fukrey’ franchise duo that reunited, entertained to watch. Varun is funny, especially when he tries to adjust to American culture and longing for Indian homes and food.

Manjot, on the other hand, looks cute and confused all the time.

Kevin Gautam Mehra as the creator of hyperactive content. It is an idiot but convincing. Many people will identify their search to become influencers. Chauhan Kshitij debut embodies charm that is too confident. And has a negative side on his character that will make you hate his Prateek. Elnaaz Norouzi brought a lot of enthusiasm to the screen, mainly when he played pornography.

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In conclusion, the seven-section series. It is intended for the younger generation. For whom the internet and social media have become an integral part of their daily lives. However, it became entangled in a cliche net, and a careless execution failed to connect. Well enough to make it an exciting watch. Regardless of the shortcomings. It is watched to a certain extent if you don’t have anything else to do.