Balcony Buddies Review: A perfect ode given to a special bond of lockdown friendship

Have you ever noticed that the people we unexpectedly meet are the ones who end up being an essential part of our lives? Suspension stopped social gatherings, but we’ve managed to stay connected more than ever, even in these difficult times. MX Player brings to the public the story of an unusual friendship that developed during the blockade.

With “Balcony Buddies”, Amazon presents a unique interactive film from MX:

That tells the story of an ordinary friendship between two closed-door strangers who have only one thing in common – a balcony that faces each other and celebrates their close friends like never before. Before.

Allowing viewers to set the course of the story, MX Player is the only OTT home platform that introduces you to this new wave of storytelling. Sunanda (played by Aisha Ahmed) is tired of tiredness in locks, and yoga is her only saviour until she sees a stranger from the balcony imitating her asana one day.

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As he came out, the stranger asked him if he could teach him yoga. This is how the story of Sunanda and Pratik (a composition by Amol Parashar), also known as Sahabat Balkon, begins.

In addition to an engaging story, the film’s interactive features allow you to decide on behalf of the main characters. From Prateek’s yoga vision to Sunanda’s gift, every few minutes, the film gives viewers two ways to steer the story in the direction the viewer chooses.

Aisha Ahmed said: “I got a response from Sunanda. I like making friends, so during lockdown. I randomly wave to people from the terrace of my building just to gain some human interaction. Amol and I have known each other now for a long time, so making this song was easy and fun.

This is a great presentation on how to make friends in surprising ways and I hope the audience will find some fresh air. It celebrates Friendship Day in the truest sense of the word and the element of interactivity makes it even more enjoyable for viewers. “

Amol Parashar said, “Usually people think that making new friends behind closed doors is quite difficult:

Which is partly true but I think if you just look in the right places or just try harder. To meet your neighbors to welcome you, this can happen. . many. This film is going recklessly in the same direction. And I am very happy and excited to be a part of it. “

The interactivity feature is an innovation really in the modern storytelling. That allows viewers to change how the main character acts. This is a new concept that will attract more users to watch movies.

The show’s creators have released two trailers, one about 40 seconds long. And the last one about 1 minute 3 seconds long. The first trailer was released on July 23 with over 33,000 views, and the main trailer with over 15,000 views. Which was released on MX Player’s official YouTube channel on July 27. The show is about a strangely romantic tickle story. As it shows two bachelors living in their apartment, standing on their balcony while keys meet.

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Well, to reduce your excitement, at the beginning of the trailer. You can see our main character standing on their balcony, where Sunanda is standing doing yoga. At the same time, Prateek watches them and tries to imitate him. They started talking on a kid-made cell phone, and then strangers became friends and soon became a couple. The story is too interesting to watch, so get ready to experience it. A hilarious love story on your MX player on August 1st.