“Tampa Baes” Review: A reality show that follows a group of lesbians in Florida

What makes a big reality television?

Tampa Baes now flows on Amazon Prime Video, following the “crowd” l*sbian in the surprising, eclectic Tampa, Florida. Charming and relatively attractive players are all you need (and some big dramas, exaggerated by manufacturers, of course). There might be too many more cast members to track, but there is no shortage of drama talks and parties.

It’s been a minute, but the cuppie returned to Tampa. After spending time in Orlando, he was ready to return to the developing l*sbian “it” in the southwest city. And most of them were ready to greet him back with open arms. It might be surprising, but Tampa is home to the LGBTQ community that surprises Hopping.

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As well as some beaches and great nightlife, all enjoyed by these women. 12 women in this “baes” group, including nurses, makeup stylists, bartenders, and seller agents. In the first few minutes, we met Haley and Brianna, a couple called “Queen Bee” from the scene. And summer and Marissa, the other “Ti Couples”.

Things can be proven when groups, even though peacekeepers are like Shiva and Mel, try to get along with everyone. They all gathered for Y2K-themed birthday parties. The first real cuppie reunion with the whole group. And the drama is predicted to occur at the end of the night.

Next season, we will meet family, see emotional moments involving religion and identity, and even have brushes with the law! Everything just started to Tampa Baes with feelings. That catch Shiva for uninterested cuppies and other women competing for coveted places in the social hierarchy.

Tampa Baes has the suitable material for solid reality television:

Surprisingly entertaining arrangements (Tampa, Florida?!), Drama actors who are full of drama, and a refreshing spotlight on the Oftime community. Unfortunately, however, the show didn’t know how to let go and have fun. And it also didn’t know what to do with the big-scale cast.

The drama was made where it didn’t make sense and never felt quite intense to produce an entertaining conflict. Tampa Baes wants us to believe that many adult women are competing for “Queen Bee” status.

But it seems that there are only couples who care about this kind of thing. Fasting from two “IT” pairs was played a lot in the interview. But there wasn’t much there when we saw them in action. This is the case for most conflict performances.

The series settings in Tampa are engaging in the Gulf Beach Gulf Floridian. Which is often forgotten with LGBTQ views and many nightclubs and solid beaches. (I am from Orlando and even * I * Forgot Tampa sometimes).

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Unfortunately, Tampa Baes failed to show off the diversity in the city. Instead of filling the cast with most of the light-skinned, thin, cisgender women. This series makes a big problem discussing how many people live in Tampa but are not interested in showing us. Tampa Baes is entirely watched, but I can’t help. But hope it shows off various individuals in the LGBTQ community of Florida.

While Tampa Baes certainly gave us a gift with some unforgettable reality characters. The performance drama was forced, and the players did not feel representatives. From the Population of the Diverse LGBTQ Tampa.