“Super Crooks” Review: A cartoon about a teenager with powers who promise bad treatment

Super Crooks (Netflix) is actually based on the 2012 comic series Supercrooks by Mark Millar and Laynil Yu. The harsh language and some disturbing violence lend a mature feel to the general story of Johnny’s origins.

What is very likely is the series atmosphere that seems to exude confidence.

In Japanese, a television station tells us about the Union of Justice, the “greatest invincible team of heroes”. That includes a fearless utopian leader and another hero named The Flare.

Johnny Bolt is just a mere kid who is stuck in town with a dead mother. And we can only look forward to seeing Union of Justice on TV and hanging out with his friend, artist, and superhero-obsessed Tom. But things seem to be on their way when, by accident. Johnny discovers that he can control the flow with his mind.

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Of course, he would have told Tom first and bragged about. By changing the lights so he could ride his bike across the sidewalk. And if you’re just a high schooler bullying Mark like a victorious mohawk. It’s worth having a sudden superpower so you can destroy his boombox when he screams, “Something smells like pee! Hey, it’s kids!” Get that, Mark.

Of course, Mark’s girlfriend Janice is also Johnny’s elusive dream girl. He said he had met members of the Union of Justice in Auckland, California; he dreams of meeting the hero again. Tom and Johnny started sewing super suits for her – sleeveless t-shirts, felt pieces glued to ski masks, everything.

And when summer came, they planned their big reveal. With the electricity still fresh, Johnny would float on the community pool and claim custody of the entire town. Hundreds of thousands of volts of barely stored electricity running through the body of a child swimming over a puddle full of child jokes? What could go wrong?!

“Well, that sucks,” Tom suggested jokingly after their big reveal failure.

“It’s become an EU horror comic strip.” The teenager isn’t sure what to do next, especially now that Johnny is at risk of severe injury and significant additional property damage. And then he realized that his armed forces could also control ATMs.

What started as a genesis story, unlike in the Marvel series with Tom Holland for the Spider-Man movies, where an unusually ordinary male character takes on his character’s new mantle with the help of a friendly and worthy friend, then becomes Something entirely different. Johnny Bolt tried to end only what he was suddenly capable of. The practice made him perfect, or at least handy.

But Johnny and Tom were so busy using the power supply to play free arcade games and plotting to seduce Janice that they never stopped thinking about the aftermath of the accident.

It was clear that they had never seen a power transformer explode before. Just as the first episode of Super Crooks hums and drums in one direction, it turns to black humour, which evokes an entirely different feeling as the ten-episode series unfolds. And in a short 20-minute pop, Super Crooks also recognizes the limited attention span of its target audience.

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While Johnny and Tom sit wondering what the outcome of their destructive electrical test will be, Electro Boy’s innate electrical control powers do their magic at a nearby ATM which immediately dispenses green money. “Get the bag, Tom,” Johnny said with sparkling eyes. “Big!”

Especially if you are a fan of graphic novels based on Super Crooks. Otherwise, Kick-Ass’s evil mouth and shocking violence would be the starting point for this anime.