‘Intertwined’ Review: Where A Teenage Boy Goes Back To 1994 To See His Mom And Grandma Fight

While Allegra Sharp (Carolina Domenech) imagines the crowd chanting her name, she interrupts her mother, Catherine (Clara Alonso). It’s not just 4 am, and she’s making a fuss. Katerina doesn’t understand why Allegra dreams of musical theatre when she has schoolwork and a bookstore.

Allegra, even more determined, forged his mother’s signature on a permit;

So he can practice on Freaky Friday at the Eleven O’Clock Theater Company production. This is the same product that his grandmother Coco (Elena Roger) directed decades ago.

However, Katerina doesn’t even want Allegra to mention her grandmother’s name and won’t tell Allegra why she and her mother fought long before Allegra was born.

He persuades his friend Felix (Kevsho) to put off his mother the following day until she passes the audition. This is her first audition, and she gets closer and closer to impressing Greta (Paula Morales), the witty director, and theatre director Diego (Benjamin Amadeo).

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But when Catherine finds out where Allegra is, he barges in and pulls her out of the audition; Allegra seemed a little surprised that Greta and Diego knew him so well.

As they argue about it on their way home, the car crashes into an intersection, and Katerina lies unconscious in the hospital. Allegra calls Coco and meets her for the first time at the hospital.

They return to where Coco raised their daughter and deny that “so much has changed”. When a disillusioned Allegra threw her ballet sculpture against the wall, she saw the light coming out of the hole.

Diego (Manuel Ramos). On the wall, there is a case with a bracelet. When she put on the bracelet, it suddenly rose and then disappeared. He finds himself in the same house, but the loud radio tells him it’s 1994. He sees his mother (Manuela Menendez), who is already his age.

Young Katerina still has issues with Coco and aims for a career as a writer. She also participates in the Freaky Friday production directed by her mother, competing with young Greta (Tattoo Glickman) for the lead role and meeting the young. He also has Greta’s boyfriend Marco (Jose Jimenez Zapiola), who caught his eye the previous day.

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The Story of Braids (original title: Entrellazados) is said to go back and forth from 1994 to the present day.

While we won’t see Allegra jump back into 2021 in the first episode, we know it’s not a Back to the Future-like situation where she’ll be living in one place and then going back to her current life and seeing what happens.

It looks like Allegra will get over the situation in both periods, trying to keep her mother and her grandmother are on the same page in the present when she befriended the teenage version of her mother in 1994. It’s a fun way to tell the story because all Allegra wants to do is reunite. Mother and grandmother and solve the cause why the two stopped talking to each other.

Will there be a lot of nostalgia from the 90s on the show? Possible. We heard “The Sign” by Ace of Base and other pop songs from the ’90s, and of course. There were lots of flannels and tapes and no one on a cell phone. But it looks like we’re seeing a lot more of Allegra. Which fixes various relationships, than digging into the ’90s details, and that’s good for us.

What we are asking ourselves is, how will Allegra’s actions in 1994 affect her life in 2021? Not just the fact that he would try to prevent a split between Katerina and Coco. But what else would be different? Will the show’s scriptwriters account for the “butterfly effect” of Allegra’s Zeitreise?

Or will they ignore it entirely because the show is a lighthearted teen drama? In either case, we’re not sure we’re interested; the characters are interesting enough – in both adult and teen versions – to keep us interested in the story, even if the current story hasn’t changed much.

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Intertwining is a lighthearted and entertaining teen drama that sticks to the relationship over both periods rather than relying on nostalgia.