“Even More Funny Women Of A Certain Age” review: The shows are still what they demand!

For the third consecutive year in a row, comedian Carol Montgomery is producing and participating in standup shows for Showtime. Every subsequent year has made her eligible for storefronts. From the Cutest Women of a Certain Age in 2019. And to the Funnier Women of a Certain Age in 2020, to now the funnier women of a certain age.

Terry Hatcher, best known for his acting career, not his standup comedy:

She’s been at the forefront of this year’s post in both star power and the curiosity that comes with watching an actress try her hand at standup. Also on the bill in this time around: Wendy Liebman, Marsha Warfield, Monique Marvelz and Lenihan Lord.

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Montgomery began producing the show as a monthly live show in New York in 2017 when he discovered the comedy club reserves were unwilling to give his concerts, despite having just returned from decades of a stint in Vegas resorts such as the Luxor and the riviera.

Montgomery joked that the pandemic had not delayed the compilation of the remarkable number three in the opening sketch. Instead: “No! It took me really long time to find five women in Los Angeles who would admit that I was over 50. Keyword Hatcher, who jumped into the frame: “Carol. She didn’t tell me I had to admit my age.

Montgomery, who was the first, delved into the subject of a pandemic joke about social distancing and how men can’t seem to give women enough space. Why? “I think it’s because they never understood six inches. How did they create six feet?

Liebman discovered a new disease of our time: Amazoneisa. He described it as receiving a box or shipping box, only to wonder, “What did I order?”

Referring to her acclaimed guest-starring role in Seinfeld in 1993, Hatcher told us, “They’re still real now, and I think it’s still spectacular – when you put your socks on in a tube filled with sand that’s in a scarecrow. At 56, it turned out to be more than just a game. That gave us too much information about his health and life to meet or lack thereof.

God wonders like a black woman how to deal with racism, s*xism and now the age of it all.

The trick he learned thanks to Black Panther? “Shut up, invader.” As Lord put it, “This is how I go about this Zoom meeting teaching critical racial theory.” the little man. “

Warfield, 67, is contemplating becoming a lesbian at 60 and starting on Facebook. “Facebook is actually the 21st century version of sitting by the window and yelling at people,” he joked. Get out of my side!

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Inside, Amy Schumer opens her third season with the sketch “Last F-able Day,” in which Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Tina Faye and Patricia Arquette explain how Hollywood stopped thinking of actresses as s*xy women in the mid-1940s. But, as Montgomery jokes in this window, everyone is capable of being someone. In the same way, funny people don’t stop being funny as they get older, which applies to women and men.

Older comedians would have more life experience to joke about and more perspective to mock human existence. So if you ask a woman over 50 to show off at an exhibition like that, it won’t be difficult for her to decide on a killer 12-minute set because they already have hours and hours of material they’ve been telling stories about for years.

That doesn’t stop Hollywood and show business from ignoring older artists or comedy clubs and streaming platforms to shun comedians who don’t think 18-34-year-olds will like it.

What Montgomery Achieved With This Franchise:

This is an opportunity to remind Hollywood that these cute women existed and still have value. The de facto moderator is Fran Drescher, who opened the first storefront two years ago. Drescher is now the President of SAG-AFTRA.

Liebman has been respected and appreciated by his peers and audiences for decades. Warfield’s goodwill dates back to his role as Rose in the role of Rose on Night Court in the 1980s and even further to his first breakthrough when he wrote and appeared on Richard Pryor’s short sketch show in 1977.

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Is it any coincidence that the Funny Women of a Certain Age franchise emerged in the same year? Many of us have first heard the phrase “Still Stubborn”? All three hours of this franchise is well worth your time. And for some of you, it’s worth remembering that cute ladies have been here longer than you might think.