SR Kalyanamandapam Review: The story of the father & emotional child that can be much better

After making a decent debut with a fine romance of King Varu Rani Garu, Kiran Abbavaram has chosen an ordinary Potboiler with SR Kalyanamandapam. Like Kalyanamandapam, who struggled to enter the centre of attention, the film was too struggling with a predictable scene and stretched.

What doesn’t work for SR Kalyanamandapam?

Kalyan (Kiran Abbavaram) loves her classmate Btech Sindhu (Priyanka Jawalkar). Kalyan has pursued Sindhu for 3 years, but he did not reply. Kalyan has a family problem.

His father, Dharma (Sai ​​Kumar), was irresponsible, and alcoholic addiction left their ancestral function halls did not operate. Kalyan doesn’t talk to Dharma. How Kalyan revived the hall’s function and how he sorted out the problem with my father and thus won his love forming the core of the story.

Kiran Abbavaram provides good performance. Sometimes, it will be excessive with the elevation scene, heroic action. Overall, he’s fine. Priyanka is acceptable in what he has to offer. Midriff and he looks to dominate his expression. Sai Kumar is undoubtedly a perfect player. He has shined again as Dharma.

This role has a myriad of nuances and emotions. He was afraid of his wife, and he was dynamic. He was sad about his son, who didn’t talk to him. Sai Kumar’s journey works in supporting the film. Srikanth iylami, alright. But weak crime disappointed the film.

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Amateur stories and scenarios are proven with films. Kiran Abbavaram takes stories, scenarios, and dialogue. Dialogue is good and has an authentic taste of Rayalaseema. But film narratives don’t have novelty. The plot and premise are as old as a hill and stone. This film drags and continues. The music is okay. Sridhar, credited for direction and editing, could have done a better job.

Film settings in the rural background have worked late.

However, SR Kalyanamandapam is a wasted opportunity even though it has recorded a good actor and show. The film starts with Venkatachalam feedback, Dharma’s father. We were then introduced to Dharma, who had become spoiled boys and confused family assets.

Putra Dharma Kalyan is not good at academics. He pursued his love of Sindhu. There isn’t enough scene to make Kalyan’s genuine love for Sindhu. He stalked him, and he liked his ‘nadumu’. Director failed to build a good love song between Kalyan and Sindhu. There is no consistency in the character of Sindhu, and he looks confused about his relationship with Kalyan.

Kalyan Shanthi’s mother wants it to revive the functions of their ancestors SR Kalyanamandapam and maintain the pride of her grandfather. Kalyan took it and turned on the business. He succeeded. But it’s not all. The central conflict of the film is a father-child emotion.

Kalyan as a child, is a very loving son. He won’t leave his father. But when he grew up being an adult, he didn’t say a word with him. Someone doesn’t know why exactly Kalyan doesn’t talk to his father Dharma. Even Kalyan Shanthi’s mother did not know the reason. This is the audience puzzle to the end.

When we recognize the answer, it is not convincing enough to sit through the film for a long time.

This is a film problem. And guess what? Kalyan shared this reason with the grace of his father but not with his mother. This makes it more disconnected.

Does someone feel why Kalyan did a long time to deliver this to his best friend? The rest is how Dharma (Sai ​​Kumar) transforms himself into his son and helps love his son. Even the Srikanth scene Iyari and Sai Kumar were not entirely convincing. Srikanth transformation is also funny. A weak climax added to SR Kalyanamandapam’s misery.

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There are some laughs here and there. The son’s scenes have come out well. Sai Kumar stands out in this ancient story. He scored well. Kiran Abbavaram got his points to act but failed to write. College scenes can be attractive and funny. There is enough reference to Chiranjeevi, Pawan Kalyan, Balakrishna and their films and cult songs. Also, a handful of jokes. But is that enough?