‘Squid Game’ Review: Where People Down On Their Luck Risk Their Lives Playing Deadly Kids Games

Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-Jae), who is living with his mother (Kim Young-ok), is so devastated that his mother has to give him money to help his daughter Ga-Yeong (Jo A-in) get this. He asks her to borrow more to give him a suitable gift.

Then he took the money to the betting shop, where he somehow managed to win the same game of the last race for which he had money to bet. But as soon as he received this money, a group of criminals attacked him because he owed a lot amount of money to the loan sharks. He tries to give them his win, but a young woman grabs his bag when he meets her while fleeing criminals.

After signing a document saying he would lose his kidney and eye in a month without paying:

He held a birthday dinner with his daughter at a street stall. She tries to tell him something, but he keeps giving her a lighter and promises to do better next year.

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The beaten Gi-hun meets a man in a suit (Gong Yu) at the subway station. He offers a lot of money if Gi-hun wins a simple flip game. Gi-hun loses more often than wins, but if he loses, he just needs to be beaten.

He gets a lot of slaps but comes out with a bit of variety. The man in the suit knows a lot about Gi-hun and offers him more money if he wants to get involved in the game he repeats.

She is tenacious at first, but when her mother tells her daughter is moving to the US with her mother and stepfather, the only way to keep her in South Korea is to prove that she can also take care of her. She dials your card number. He gets into a delivery truck and is knocked down by sleeping gas.

He woke up with 455 other people, all in green jogging suits; everyone had a number.

He is number 456; he finds an old man, O Il-nam (O Yong-su), number 001. There is also Kang Sae-byeok (Jung Ho-yon) number 067 – an immigrant from North Korea who chooses his bag and age-mates. Cho San Wu College (Park Hesu) – number 218 – once a successful investment banker. Everyone who plays this game is in massive debt, and those who complete the game series offered by the masked game master will win billions.

You can tell the difference between K-Drama ordered by Netflix like Squid Game and those licensed by streamers from other networks and studios. This season only missed 9 episodes at a time.

Another similar show is Sweet Home, and Squid Game has a similar feel; dense story and potentially thrilling and thrilling story. And the story is tighter, less twisted, and applies to long-running shows.

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This is a very creative concept; These downtrodden people, desperate to pay off their debts, are playing games with children. The whole environment in which the game will continue is full of sunshine, colourful rooms and endless stairs. The gameplay almost looks weird until you see what’s going on behind the scenes.

There is a masked cameraman, a master game master, a bronze mask with dark eyes, a grid on the floor with everyone’s pictures and numbers, and those pictures disappear when people are eliminated. It’s scary, but it attracts you.

The first episode took some time to set up these games:

As we understand ​​why Gi-hun is desperate enough to take such a gamble. But he gets to the heart of the matter relatively quickly. Especially when compared to most K-dramas, we’ve seen on the service.

As we get to know about the survivors around Gi-hun and the number of players who have dropped. We need to better imagine their stories. But in a show like this. It’s hard to say how long some of these guys will last before they’re “eliminated”.

This is the potential sensation of Squid Games; who stays, who “goes”, and how bad each game goes. It will be interesting to see how self-serving people like Gi-hun or Sang-beyok are forced into an alliance. To stay in the game and how people turn against each other when they know what’s coming.

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Squid Games takes a fresh idea and turns it into an engaging drama; We hope this will further add to the tension. We have seen over the last 20 minutes of the entire season.