“Chicago Party Aunt” Review: About middle aged animals from Chi-Town who took his book’s nephew

“No city in God’s green land shakes louder than Chicago, Illinois,” says Diane Dunbrowski (Lauren Ash) as she walks across Lake Michigan toward the Chicago skyline.

Chicago is a party city, and Diane is the giant party animal there is.

While away from the party spotlight, she and her raw ’90s hairstyle still enjoy drinking and having fun wherever they can. She lives in Wrigleyville, where “You can get your hair done and when you need to pull someone is always there to hold your hair. I! And I will celebrate my b**bs!

But sequentially, the cheerful Diane usually has a terrible day. First, her husband Kurt (Chris Vitaske) left her after too many tamers nearly painted the tip of her Butkus iguana.

Then his favourite cafe, bought from the health company next door, closes. The salon she works for has a new manager, Gideon (RuPaul Charles). Who doesn’t want to play with kids and turn it into a hipster salon branch in New York?

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But there is a saving grace; it is the 18th birthday of his nephew Daniel (Rory O’Malley); he wanted him to live life before going to Stanford.

One problem: To pay for it, her sister Bonnie (Jill Tally) and her husband Mark (Ike Barinholz) must sell their apartment. Diane thought finding a new apartment was easy, but with a -70 credit rating, the best she could do was find an apartment in Hammond. Yes, it’s in Indiana.

It didn’t suit Gideon, and it looks like Bonnie wouldn’t hesitate to sell her apartment:

Even if Bonnie offered her a Pizzeria Uno Platinum Gold Card. Daniel didn’t even know if he wanted to go to Stanford. It is designed to be run from an early age in the midst of it all. So there’s only one solution for Diane: Throw a Rager!

After Daniel posted the invitation on social media, all Chicago showed up, including Styx and Scotty Pipen. And it looks like Daniel is wasting time in this life. But when Bonnie walked in, and her Chicago accent popped, Diane knew her sister was serious. But the next day, Bonnie had a suggestion for him: He could stay in the apartment for now. When Daniel could move out.

The reason Chicago party aunties don’t make us shrink like the other expletive streaming cartoons. We’ve come across these days (remember Hoops?) Creators John Barinholtz, Katie Rich, and Chris Vitaske turned Diane into an irresponsible turned middle-aged drunk.

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Whose ability to continue having fun, of course, is looked upon with equal envy and sadness. But Diane is also gentle with Daniel and will always accompany him on their adventures together.

The second episode illustrates this well as he tries to find her a job while pushing away her mother’s overprotective texts. Both Diane and Bonnie want the best for Daniel; they do it differently. Of course, Diane’s path was much funnier, but they both had good intentions.

Even though the series relies heavily on Chicago stereotypes:

Including Diane’s accent so heavily on Ash that the ones used by Super Suer’s fans look good – the series has a chance that it will succeed, as she soon turns to Diane as a party. Animals that are important to him.

He will probably slowly understand why people are so loyal to Diane, to Perot (Bob Odenkirk), the leading “Health Partner” in the new “Cafe”. The world around Diane is pretty well established, from RuPaul’s cute Gideon. Zuzana (Katie Rich) and Tina (Da’Vine Joy Randolph) are her Greek choir at work, and their son Mikey (John Barinholz) has a head so hard that he can be hit by a 45-pound flying suitcase and barely manage to beat him.

As the show progresses, there will likely be a story about the whole thing, or at least a story. And that’s the hallmark of a good sitcom in general. And indeed the hallmark of an animated series that has a chance to go beyond the concept.

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Instead of making Diane Dunbrowski a joke in Chicago, the founders of the Chicago Aunt Party gave her a heart and a basic moral code. And the show will be able to last for several seasons.