“Lucifer Season 6” Review: It might be a different end with the show, but it comes out in a great way

Lucifer Season 6 indeed ends the show with a bang. Be prepared to be God is not a small achievement for Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis). Fortunately, he has Chloe Decker (Lauren German) and their whole friend by his side. However, someone new appeared and made wrinkles into Lucifer and Chloe’s plans. The event began a bit simple, with Lucifer and Chloe dating what was meant to be his last night in L.A. There was a good call back to the show’s beginning when he bribed the same police to let it go.

Of course, things don’t walk according to plans and Lucifer and Chloe:

End with mystery when they witness the death of the magician they see. Meanwhile, the Linda (Rachael Harris) and the Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) have a labyrinth (Lesley-Ann Brandt) and Eve (Inbar Lavi) for dinner. Linda helped the two women work through several problems. Poor and Espinoza (Kevin Alejandro) are trapped in a group playing ping pong.

Lucifer came to visit him, but he did not answer, so he sent him away. The second episode of the Lucifer Season 6 starts with Amenadiel running in Lucifer and Chloe, telling the first that the return to heaven has been asked. He felt that Lucifer hadn’t changed much because he should have gone, but he didn’t do it. Chloe reminded him that Lucifer always got there in the end and had more faith in him. Lucifer then went to Linda’s office because he wasn’t sure what to do. He finally decided to try to help someone. He didn’t care at all to prove that he could make him the God.

This leads him to him trying to help Carol Corbett (Scott Porter) with a case and maybe make a love connection. Of course, Lucifer initially assumed that Carol just wanted to sleep with someone. But he finally realized that what he wanted was a relationship with Ella (Aimee Garcia). Lucifer helped him and finally cared for him in the process. He saw it as bad because he had not proved that he could do an excellent job as God. After another visit to Linda’s office, Lucifer decided to help someone he hated, Jimmy Barnes (John Pankow), producer of his first case with Chloe.

Unfortunately, Jimmy passed the previous year at a mental hospital.

So Lucifer and Chloe went to hell to talk to him. Finally, he stuck them in the hell loop, initially a cartoon version of Lucifer to disturb his marriage. After a while, it changed to the 1980s when he managed the band called Wednesday. They fired him, and when his girlfriend suggested. He tries to get it back, he broke up with him.

When the two events occurred, the image of people left a change in a woman with a guitar. Lucifer told Jimmy that he only pushed his girlfriend away. Because he was afraid he did the same thing to him. Jimmy said that people only wanted what he could give them, like fame and money. But Chloe disagreed, stating that it was all Jimmy offered them. Lucifer then convinced Jimmy to leave after his girlfriend.

But they lived in the hell loop to find out the source of Jimmy’s torture.

They found that his mother left him and told him to continue watching cartoons and that he would be back soon. Of course, he never returned. Lucifer then made it, so he returned and watched a cartoon with Jimmy. He now understands why Jimmy made the choice he did, even if he disagreed with them. While Lucifer and Chloe were in hell helping Jimmy, Amenadiel got ready to start his new job as a police officer. And return to earth with an angel who wants to hurt Lucifer. Unless he is a ghost, which other heavenly beings can only see. After realizing it and not where he should, Lucifer’s head to heaven but and also nothing. Of course, he was on earth in Lucifer’s apartment with an angry angel. As soon as Lucifer arrived there, he attacked him.

However, Lucifer didn’t know who he was. What he knew was that he hated him. And he spends a lot of time trying to make him like him. After completing some mysteries, Lucifer realized the real purpose. Don’t worry. It won’t spoil it. Overall, this show has the right end. This is somewhat bitter. It hasn’t succeeded. It’s suitable for all characters and hopefully will satisfy most fans. The last season as a whole rose thrilling. This is also emotional, so fans have a ready network. Lucifer 6 season does have a good end.

Maybe it’s not the one expected by fans, but it’s the best end.

The overall season is good television. Although there are some slow moments and some conflicts. That are resolved to make a little frustration, it is a whole good story. New characters were introduced and dominated a little narrative. But all old fans – favourites have the right story. Including Lucifer and Chloe. Without damaging too much, it is a happy thing forever to a certain extent. Bitter experts who end up for the show, but one that hopefully will resonate with fans. Lucifer season 6 is the end which is worth the story. The show will surprise all the fans and make them feel every emotion, but it’s just good writing.

Lucifer Season 6 is, of course, well written and will sweep every fan with the story. Even though it might not be a fan story, they will expect that’s what they want. Every storyline is wrapped satisfactorily. And every character is treated with the respect that they actually deserve. From Lucifer to the Chloe to the Maze, to the most secondary characters. Fans hopefully will not be disappointed with this end, even if it is different from how many think the show will end.