‘The Ingenuity of the Househusband’ Review: The Season 1 of the series makes it a short and pleasant one to watch

The Ingenuity of Househusband is a real-life comedy starring Kenjiro Tsuda, broadcast on Netflix. Kenjiro Tsuda lives a quiet life with the duties of a husband. Constantly strive to improve one’s work and cultivate pride in one’s growth. How can such a simple life not be boring?

One of the biggest struggles we face in our daily lives is today.

Worrying about what lies ahead of us tomorrow or obsession. What happened yesterday often takes us outside of the present. These thoughts prevent us from concentrating only on the small pleasures in life or from taking care of everything. Watching Miracle exemplify these principles in Season 1 of The Housewife’s Ingenuity is a delightful and relaxing experience.

The first thing to note about this series is that you can watch it. The entire five-episode series in under half an hour. In each episode, Miracle performs a task or two. Almost all of the dialogue stems from Miracle’s inner narrative. As she walks step by step through the process of her assignment. And while it’s oddly relaxing to watch someone complete every day. It tasks like sorting, recycling, or doing laundry with such poise and exceptional attention to detail. The most significant moment of the show is when something goes wrong with our eponymous husband.

Despite Miracle’s slow, calm and precise approach to the tasks. She takes on in Housewife’s Ingenuity Season 1, sometimes it just doesn’t work. It disturbs the silence of the show. Given the specificity of the characters and the fact that the series is called a comedy.

I initially hoped that these moments would anger our characters.

Instead, there was just a sigh, followed by a resigned “these things happened”. Accepting failure as an aspect of the process and not as a sign of failure was an unexpected mouthful of positivity that I needed.

The transmission of the “Housewife Witness” story from season 1 is perfect. The magic that tells the fantastic story of Cells at Work: Code Black is not overlooked here. It provides all the steps on the various processes it goes through throughout the series in a crisp, sharp tone that is easy to follow. Fortunately, the actor was able to bring very subtle playability into the story. As a result, each of these short episodes runs with mild pleasure.

The only caveat I would mention to people entering this series is not to expect them to laugh. Despite being called a comedy, there wasn’t a moment that made me laugh. The moments are sweeter than funny. This isn’t an error, just something to keep in mind.

Overall, the first season of “Housewife’s Ingenuity” features a very entertaining half-hour TV show.

The overall softness of the feel of the series. It combined with a positive attitude towards failure, this makes this an enjoyable momentary distraction.

There’s also a dodgy sequence that usually occurs at the end of each episode where we take a break from people watching and focus on the protagonist’s domestic cat. Cats spend the day interacting with other cats as well as dogs in their environment. This situation resulted in some funny scenes and dialogues that made the writer laugh.

The web series is concise, and those expecting it to culminate in a spectacular crash with the yakuza will be disappointed. The stakes in Episode 1 are the same as in Episode 5, meaning the stakes are never high. The jury doesn’t yet know if this anime will make a name in the ranks of significant animations like Bakano and Naruto. Unfortunately, five episodes are not enough to get this done.