‘Spirit Untamed’ Review: From a story and the perspective of the character of the Spirit that is not known less the sequel to the film

Nearly two decades after “Spirit: Stallion from Cimarron” and his eponymous yellow Mustang came to the scene, “Roh Untamed” – spin-offs that were crazy and digital – had arrived.

While both of them came from DreamWorks animation, rebooted had a slight similarity with the original 2002, which was attached to the visual hand-drawn at the time of pseudo-realistic computer animation “Shrek,” also from DreamWorks. Pixar movies such as “monsters,” Inc. “Start taking over. For better or worse, this new” spirit “takes a modern approach.

Instead of the melodrama filled with heavy power-ballads:

About Bronco and the Holy American American friends, “Roh Untamed” innocence directed to young girls (horses) everywhere.

It uses various racial characters from the Netflix series “Spirit Riding for free,” which debuted in 2017 and reintroduced the franchise, to give a story that will come with a predictable dose of girl strength.

At the center of the film was Lucky Prescott looking for a thrilling (Isabela Merced). Discharged from the east coast of his steamer living. And sent to spend the summer with his alienated father (Jake Gyllenhaal).

In the border city of Miradero. Instantly interested in the male horses he called the Spirit. Our American Esque’s protagonist tried to gain horse trust, simultaneously connected with his Mexican roots, and opposed his father. The latter remained confused from the death of his mother’s horse.

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Fortunately, Lucky (who also left his name, Spain, Fortuna) was not a loner.

When the Brutish Wranglers members of the Hippos from the flock of the Spirit. Our women’s hero joined the Intrepid speech on the mission of rescue dangerous obstacles through the outback.

Kiddies, I’m sure, will be satisfied. The film (directed by Elaine Bogan) is a bubbly and fast-paced romp through the Wild West. This is not to say it is an increase in Maudlin Original. With character-eyed characters, such as Bobblehead. It is a version that is almost indistinguishable from most animated children’s films today. It’s more like the Spirit dominated.

On the train trip to Miradero, Lucky had a beautiful wild horse connection. He called the Spirit. Both of them shared a wildlife bond and independence. Although soon, the Spirit was entirely captured by cruel horse wranglers.

Lucky and his father had an awkward reunion when he tried to maintain his security.

He did not want to admit the vibrant nature he shared with his mother. Who had ridden with Los Caballeros, the team riding local tricks?

His mother’s clothes, boots, and posters opened Lucky’s eyes to a world that felt like home. He was friends with not only enthusiasm but also some local girls, Pru (Marsai Martin) and Abigail (McKenna Grace). But also acknowledged the dangers he did against the Evil Wrangler (Walton Goggins).

The following is a tremendous visual adventure and enough action. To keep children three and five years old I watched with the screen. Heck mountain and regret ridge seemed very exciting for them. And I got a kick out of the importance of mathematics (word problems) in maintaining luck on the lane.

Film clock in less than 90 minutes, suitable for most children. Songs (Taylor Swift sang trailer songs) did not seem to make many impressions, but the child’s character did it. From an adult’s perspective, it is difficult to miss the fact. That adult men are not the best of role models.

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And even the Abigail’s young brothers (Lucian Perez) spend most of the time causing naughty problems. However, the lack of other political messages of relief and women’s empowerment in children is always a welcome storyline.

The film was directed jointly by Elaine Bogan and Ennio Torreson. Credit writes John Fusco (original film), Aury Wallington (TV series), Kristin Hahn, and Katherine Nolfi. All-Star voice players are an excellent complement to visual (especially mountains and clouds). And messages about independence and find their way in life.