‘My Wonderful Wanda’ Review: Mixture of everything with a great presentation

My Wonderful Wanda took the title (Zingier in Original German: Wanda, Mein Wunder) from the dialogue line. Which was loving and somewhat fooled by a Swiss man. In a 70-year-old bed to the 30th Poland guard. Both have secrets, side agreements, which will disrupt the tranquillity of the men’s family who is faltering and drawing them into cultural and class clashes. Bettina Oberli is more interested in the interaction of its character rather than seeing geopolitics.

The approach that clicks only to the point in features that perform well and uneven:

The Central Character (Agnieszka Grochowska) is one of the many women who travel from Eastern Europe to more continental parts to work as caregivers at home. This story was opened when he returned to Switzerland. For a three-month assignment. At the House Lakeside from a family that had to do his industrialist. Josef (André Jung), has been cut down by strokes. Wanda tends to need it with material-of-fact efficiency. Whether he lifts it to the toilet or responds to the midnight request. Through a baby monitor, for sex.

This extracurricular meeting brings extra money needed for his family home; In their high-rise apartment in Warsaw, his parents took care of his two sons. Bruno Rajski and Iwo Rajski during his absence on behalf of salary. Grochowska efficiently delivered Groundedness Wanda: In all his business with his employer, who is often childish. He displays patience, perception and pragmatism. And he was more than hugging himself in salary negotiations with Josef’s wife. Elsa (Marthe Keller, who was very warm and convincing).

Until he destroyed everything wide open with the news that he was pregnant by Josef. Wanda helped Elsa Ballast the increasingly rocky ship. In the world of their money, live in elegance (fine design work by Marion Schramm and Laura Londher. The calm beauty of Lake Zürich is captured well at Camerawork Judith Kaufmann). All not good with Wegmeister-gooors.

Son Gregor (Jacob Matschenz), with a crush on his mother in Wanda:

Obviously not happy to be forced into the family building material business. Often called the kingdom of “company.” His genuine interest, birds, found a somewhat mixed expression. Despite the scenario by Cooky Ziesche and the director. He also did not find a fully satisfying director, avoiding predictable results for the character. It’s true of the whole film; There is something that holds a touch of his joke.

The broader satir friction has less enthusiasm than small observations. Such as when Josef admits the arrival of his arrogant daughter, Sophie (Birgit Minichmayr, which is extraordinarily expressive). And his lawyer’s husband, Manfred (Anatole Taubman), with their BMW voice. Machine. The family reached the magnificent surface of its magnificence perfectly in termination. Between Josef Petulant and Sophie, who were constantly annoyed.

But there was a connection to disconnect between Elsa and Josef. That the film attacked the most successful record. Thanks to a tremendous turn by the two actors. Jung navigated the line between ridiculous and sad as Josef. Who were a shame and reduced his way to the pride. Of a funny man on the prospect of being a father again. Elsa understands that the love of marriage has long been lost if any. And Heller suggests a lifetime to wear a good face. But also, below it, spirit, resilience, and unbroken wisdom. Children, he told his daughter, “There is no guarantee for our happiness.”

Oberli (late platoon, with the wind) and the Ziesche structure of stories in three actions:

Each of which starts with the arrival of Wanda from Poland by bus. Seasons changed with every arrival, and so did Wanda’s status vis-à-vis family. Possession “My” in the film title shows not just a romantic fantasy Josef but a typical taste of class rights. Wanda is “Help,” “the girl,” and after other employees left, occasionally “cleaning women”.

Wegmeister-gooor circled the cart to protect money and property. And Manfred became more interested in family problems than he had had years. Arranged the agreement, provoking proud Father who was a ferocious Wanda (Cezary Pazura.) To enter the commotion, wife (Agata Rzeszewska) and grandchildren behind him.