Sky Rojo Review: About three hookers on the run, after killing someone

woman speeds up a road in Spain in a red BMW convertible while playing rock music. The words “Private Striptease” were written in Spanish on the open car door.

The bottom line:

Coral (Verónica Sánchez) claims that she is a pimp’s “favorite whore,” and pimp Romeo Asier Etxeandia. Being the “second biggest bastard” she knows.

He took an interesting route to a club in the middle of nowhere; She studied biology and spent her days as a frustrated housewife before turning to s*x work.

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Her best friend sat the club are Gina (Yani Prado) and Wendy (Lali Esposito). Still, all the prostitutes in the club have developed.

A relationship because they have to do all kinds of bad things to make a living. As Coral explains how she has to insert a male finger men. She roughs it into her mouth every day and pretends to enjoy it.

The club was actually closed because Romeo mourned his wife, Clarita.

His crew, Moses (Miguel Angel Sylvester) and Christian (EnrikAucker) are available. He tells them to look for mourners because no one from the coastal town of Tenerife has come to Clarita’s funeral.

Then we went back to the Corals for the first time at the club. He applied for a job because he thought it was a “great place to hide.”

Desperate, Romeo decided to open a club tonight. When he returned, Coral went to see how he was and wanted to get closer to him to get rid of the pain. He pushed him away when Gina appeared.

He owes more than 5,000 euros and is there to settle. But he tells her he owes her $ 7,000 more because he charges her. For things, he buys for business, like condoms and lube. Even the underwear that she thought of as a gift was in her book.

When she realized she was basically going to work for him forever:

He threatens both mother and son. Gina hits Romeo with the lid of one of his whiskey counters. He started stabbing it with a pencil.

Coral and Wendy hear about the fight and defend Gina; Finally, Coral breaks the heavy goblet on the back of Romeo’s head, and he collapses into a pool of blood. It looks like he’s dead.

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The three of them escape in a BMW, but Coral convinces them to return to the club. There they encounter a crowd of angry prostitutes. In their desperate attempt to leave, their wife is hit by a truck.

Finally, they go to Santa Cruz and meet a vet who is a regular Coral customer. She likes butt, and Wendy uses that information to her advantage to fix Gina – who is pregnant – in order.

Our approach:

Created by ÁlexPina and Esther MartínezLobato of Money Heist. Sky Rojo has tense suspense and a dark theme showtinged with a sense of humor.

The episodes are quite short, about 35 minutes. Adding to the tension as Coral, Gina, and Wendy tries to escape from Romeo’s men. As they try to hold back the situation that fell to the police.

Of course, the first episode was rather quick to prepare; We don’t know much about either of the three women. Yes, we know Coral was a biologist before she got this job.

She made her hide from someone or something. We also know that Gina has a son, is pregnant. That Romeo pays a portion of the mother and son’s expenses.

We don’t know anything about Wendy other than that she can be mean whenever she wants to. Their friendship was not intertwined enough to make us understand. Why the three of them would defend each other so fiercely.

We assume that we received this information because women are trying to be safe and strengthen already strong bonds.

The performance of Sánchez and Etxeandia was solid and gave us more than enough information about Coral and Ramon. So that viewers at least know who to vote for, who to vote for, and some changes have both.

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Interestingly enough, Ramon did look dead at the end of the first episode.

But then we saw the ambulance speed was far from the scene and we didn’t know who was in it. Obviously, considering that Etxeandia is one of the stars on the show. Ramon may not be as deadly as he looks, making the lady’s escape even more interesting.

Producer of Sky Rojo has a good track record of creating fast-paced and intense dramas for international audiences. We appreciate Sky Rojo’s “less is more” approach, which is not common today. We hope that storytelling alone can keep pace with the show.