‘Skater Girl’ Movie Review: Prerna and other kids tasted freedom under their feet, there is no looking back

Skater Girl Manjari Makijany tells the story that warms the heart. While we must blame films for skimming over the cruelty of the terrible caste system in India (and look through the lens of privileges), get some things correctly, namely the performance of the spirit.

The ties of maintenance between women’s character, and encouraging music.

He grew in charm, a small village in Rajasthan, not too easy for Teenagers Prerna (Rachel Saanshita Gupta). While his brother Ankush (Shafin Patel) went to school, his father preferred him to help families on the market and do housework.

All changes with the arrival of advertising executives from London, Jessica (Amrit Maghera), to find their roots. When his friend Erick (Jonathan Readwin) came to visit the skateboard. The village’s children were turned on with a love skateboard.

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For village disapproval, Jessica and Erick established a skate park, and the film ended with a hefty skateboard competition on the same day as marriage. Prerna had to choose between following his dream and agreed. Every echo bends like Beckham is pure coincidence.

The skater girl is not as sharp as Betty:

Which underlines the subversive power of Skating and asks uncomfortable questions about race and sex. Adopt stranded goats, incidentally, very strange. However, Rachel Sanchita Gupta’s newcomer created the Prerna that we can root.

When Prerna said he felt free when hanging, we could see uncontrolled excitement on his face. Shafin Patel also made his debut, made a cute Ankush-a-button. Waheeda Rehman Anggun like Jinigni Maharani did.

Amrit Maghera when Jessica sincerely wondered if she did the right thing by introducing children to skateboard. Vinayak Gupta as Subodh Boy Brahmin Prerna formed a temporary friendship, seriously.

This is the goodness of Sacarin, who helps film rise through superficial exploration of related problems. Within minutes of the Prerna meeting, we saw the oppression and the community faced every day.

There is a separate water pump in the village. So if he was asked to clean his school corridor, his brother Ankush (Shafin Patel) and his friends were forced to turn around to clean the toilet.

While these scenes gave us a slum on how things worked in the village, we found no significant obstacles from the villagers about the same children being a skating authority.

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It is impossible to believe that a strong UC family in the village:

Which does not allow their children to associate with their “, let his spotlight shine in these Dalit children. Launched this angle in the film. Even worse, it feels like a plot device than the relevant problem.

With everything that fell into Jessica’s proposed skate park, his friend Erick was in the right place at the right time to teach children, it seemed a bit too comfortable, but we saw past it. We make this allowance because of passionate performance.

The presence of the spunk screen and shamelessly from members of the actor redeemed the mistake. Each of them glowed, especially Ankush, who was innocent in his dialogue. His view of life is a reflection of freedom he believes worthy. Another option of the maker is to tell the story of only one family in this village.

However, this produces unidimensional characters with stereotypical characters. For example, we know what will happen. When the father wants to marry Prerna instead of fanning his dream. Sees skate for the first time.

We know how Mrs. Prerna, a pet woman:

It will react to her daughter to hide such a dream. With a well-made sports film, this cliche works. At Amole Hapta Haptaai, we saw a young man in a city taking Skating to escape reality. Here, we see children who are oppressed using skateboards as a short escape from their reality.

As a concise Prerna summarizes, “Skating is something that feels like mine. Nothing can be controlled. There are no rules to follow.”

For a few minutes on the board, he was free from opportunities that rested on his life. For the 110 minute runtime, the skater girl wants us to be easy on the surface exploration of the children’s life. It’s easier to say than done, but the film does contain a lot of fun.

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The skate park made for this film is a community park now. Where the girls are encouraged to dream under rolls at the end of the film. What about the path to view filled with good intentions?

Manjari Makijany, director, who wrote a scenario with his sister, Vinati (Fun Fact: They are Mac Mohan’s daughter, Samba from Sholay), has created a film that likes it, which will surge into a greater height like the protagonist, if only has a deep dive, Not only slid the surface.