Queen Of Sajjangarh movie review: Horror thriller that leaves a mystery

If you think that making the whole film is a cakewalk during locking. Then take a short break and watch Queen Of Sajjangarh Mahaveer Shares.

This is an eye-opener and motivation for all filmmakers:

Who quote keys as the biggest obstacles in making their films. We bet it will be a good break for all of you. Who is almost Binged watching? Each and everything on other OTT platforms?

Sherman has come a long way from his last film Koi Sath Hai. Which was proven from the film’s first trailer. Even though he had stepped his legs in the same horror genre again. The two films stood in an indeed opposite direction. The debut of the silradel is a horror-comedy, and this one is a complete horror film.

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The idea of ​​reincarnation can be done. And it cleaned with the core. But even though Mahaveer Shoremen will attract viewers’ attention. The biggest highlight of Queen of Sajjangarh is a strong story and player. Each and each actor has given a brilliant performance that lifts movies to another level.

Shrine has included the idea of ​​national locking in the film. To make more relatable films, which will refresh your memory of the first lock-in 2020.

Ratu Sajjangarh is the story of three couples. That is trapped in a small village named Kanchanpur. after the Kuncian was announced.

When exploring Haveli, they found the door that held the message. These people are tempted to open the door. But hold back to do it at any time. Boredom forcing these people to play the game of truth and dare. Where Rahman from the group and asked to go to the room.

What happened next lay down the second half. Mahaveer Shoremen has not only written and produced this business but also acted in it.

Just like Koi Sath Hai, Shoremen plays super police in this case too.

If you compare his appearance from the film before, even it’s far away. Even though we feel that he can do much better with the execution of stories. The proper execution will change the film. We are really sure that with the upcoming next film, Shrine will overcome. This obstacle because this man can’t do this?

The film throws Priya Mishra, Ajit Pandit, Shivangi Sharma, Palak Singh, Alvira Rana, Vaibheet Chauhan, Sanket Ranadive, Mazid Khan, Pramod Saini, Mahaveer Show and Rajesh Dubey.

Speaking of actors, Priya Mishra got the most designing role. Of all as a ‘Bindiya’ witch, and she fits the bill. Ajit Pandit does the part, okay as a naughty group button. Three other women, Shivangi Sharma, Palak Singhalvira Rana, also did a great job.

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Alvira Rana plays the character of Sarika in the film, and Gosh, she is beautiful! Not only Him, but filmmakers have also managed to release the most Sixes version. Of all these women on the screen, and we are sure you won’t blink. Even for a second when a brave scene happens, that’s by the way, there’s a lot. So, if you plan to watch Queen Of Sajjangarh with your family, then think twice.

How can we forget to mention the most important appeal of this film? This is a hot song sung by Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu. This will enter your playlist. So, be prepared to let Mahaveer Shression. And the Queen Team Sajjangarh. Will take you to their horror world in a range of almost 2 hours.