The Priest Movie Review: This movie got lots of hearts and love from its viewers and that’s the mantra of its success

One of the most valuable and handsome actors in the South Film industry. Mammootty enjoyed the success of the newest business, Imam. This film, which was directed by Joffin T. Chaco’s debutant. The first film is set to be released on the big screen after the blockade due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The latest Malayalam Superstar Mammootty movie. March 26 (Friday) the release of priests throughout India. A week after his debut at Kerala Theater and several other foreign markets. This film has built a reputation as a gripped horror thriller. The collection of box office film is solid, even though people are careful to go to the cinema during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The pastor follows Father Carmen Benedict’s adventures (as a giant):

However, I was amazed after seeing the film. Because it doesn’t meet all the expectations of my mind. Thanks to the critical and commercial success of the film in Kerala. I stumbled with my high hopes or whether the film itself was mediocre. After sleeping on it, I concluded that the pastor was not as good as on the market. Film with some of the most mediocre interesting ideas.

Jump from puzzle to puzzle. Every case he took was a Pandora box, revealing many unresolved puzzles and poor spirits. Which has occurred in a mysterious state. Only if you think so with this film, it turns Joffin’s debut T. Chaco for the first time. Sensational cases are just an excuse to lure Benedict into a dark fraud network. When Benedict investigated a suicide case, he met Ameya Gabriel (Baby Monica). And immediately felt something was wrong with the 11-year-old girl. “He carried a heavy burden that was not his”. Benedict told colleagues after feeling the presence of ghosts in the atmosphere.

Benedict believes that Ameya is just the tip of a more complex and distorted puzzle:

In the living and dead domain. And since then, Joffin began preparing the audience for puzzles that were far greater than mysterious suicide. And the feeling of something more luxurious in the next corner makes us invested in the story. When the film itself has nothing to keep our attention that is not divided.

Joffin must show more courage when running a scene with the expulsion of demons. Benedict, conducts exorcism from a new era with fine gadgets, feels super shallow. It’s like clinging to a nightmare trip, but what you get is a wet version of a trip to a creepy house in the nearest mall.

Following the release of Imam, Mammootty one company hit the theater today (March 26). Thriller’s political film by Santhosh Viswanath received an extraordinary response from film fans. The role of the actor as Prime Minister Kerala Kadakal Chandran has impressed many thanks to his perfect acting, smooth but intense behavior, interesting dialogue, and a plot of cold duo Duo Bobby and Sandaj scripts.

Viewers were delighted with the film:

On each social media. Let me tell you that this film has a tight competition from Todin Thomas’ Cavi, starring March 25 with Murali George, Joju George, Nimisha, Matthew Thomas, Nila Usha, and Shanker Ramakrishnan in supporters of role, Thriller politics. , come more, maturity on May 22, 2020.

However, because of the Covid-19 pandemic and the next blockade, the manufacturer must delay that date. This film tells the story of a politician who, under certain circumstances. Will the New Prime Minister take action against his party and oppose the welfare of the people of Kerala? So, you need to understand this after seeing a movie in the nearest cinema.