“Single’s Inferno” Review: Korean reality dating series where young and hot meet on a deserted island

Shows that unite hot singles in the tropics can be found everywhere on streaming and linear television. So it seems inevitable that the style will find its way into East Asia. But Single’s Inferno, the Korean dating series, has a bit of a twist. The tropical setting in which the United tries to bond is “Hell” (but it’s not really). And humans must mate if they are to escape Heaven.

Shot of a seemingly “hell” environment on the island of “Hell”. “It’s two islands,” said a voice.

In the new singles dating series Inferno on Singles. Nine singles – 5 men, 4 women – are sent to an island dubbed “Hell”. The temperature is 35 degrees Celsius, accommodation is one step higher than camping (see more later). The toilets are settlers, and the separated have to cook and fetch their water. They had been there for nine days and had been trying to find someone to date. Competitors cannot say how old they are or how they make a living.

At the end of each day, each participant receives a “postcard” in the mailbox; If they decide to mate with one of the senders (if they receive a postcard). They will send the couple to a luxury resort on an island called “Paradise”. The meeting can talk about their ages and occupations. And spend a romantic night in a luxury apartment before heading back to Hell.

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In the first episode, of the nine singles, all young and seem to find work. As one of their greatest hobbies, come in and sit awkwardly on the couch on the beach. Everyone looks at each other, and the four showgoers (Lee Da-hi, Kyu-hyun Cho, Jin Kyong Hong, Jung Han-hae). To sit in the studio like a bar and try to figure out who likes whom.

You are divided into three groups to explore the island to see where it all comes together. Then they went to the cafeteria to make dinner. Some people sit there while others join in and work hard. From there, the cards are dropped. Who can escape Hell after the first night?

The only bad things about the Isle of Hell are the heat and no air conditioning.

It’s not that they have to take cover – men’s and women’s tents are more likely to be “glamping” than others. The cafeteria looks like a farm-to-table restaurant. And has all the equipment you need to prepare a decent meal of the food on offer.

Millennials, young or old, most of whom are used to a life of food and delivery. To find the island a tough place to be. Especially when they can get their hands on carrots for a night at a luxury resort. This is what sets Inferno on Single apart from other dating shows. Will people connect to relax from the island of Hell, or will there be real feelings?

However, the elaborate setup doesn’t detract from the fact. That it’s usually a show where viewers can watch handsome men in eight packs and beautiful women sunbathing in bikinis. It may be a little holier than reality shows here and in places like Europe and South America. But the fun is the same: cool people hook up. Even if the “drunk” here is just a little breathless.

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Let’s hope the producers will pick up the pace in future episodes. The introduction of the nine participants took a long time, and the interaction of the three-person group slowed down. The producers also paid a lot of attention to the audience. Which was a sign of a less dramatic move on the first day. But he will be interested to see if things will work out once the relationship is established. Despite its compelling premise, inferno on Single isn’t nearly as exciting as other dating reality shows.