“Emily In Paris Season 2” Review: Where Your Favorite American Goes Crazy and Bewitching the French

When Emily debuted on Netflix in Paris last year, it was very divisive; Darren Starr’s (The Young, S*x and the City). By chewing gum world seems innocent enough. But insults from France and ridiculous posts on social media made many viewers roll their eyes. However, hate watchers and superfans alike will be delighted that Emily is back in Paris for an addictive, often goofy second season, and the shame factor is surprisingly (if slightly) reduced.

Emily aka (Lily Collins) is still reeling from her passionate night with hot chef Gabriel (Lucas Bravo).

He thought he was going back to Normandy! He likes to be friends with his girlfriend (ex?) Camille (Camille Razat)! It’s getting hotter with Mathieu (Charles Martins)! S*x (the best s*x of his life, he might add) with Gabrielle wasn’t perfect, but now he couldn’t stop thinking about it. He was so lost in thought about the stuffy night that he almost got stuck in traffic and then pictured it at a business meeting.

Despite his guilt, he still had a friendly face on Camille. Who didn’t seem to understand why Gabrielle had decided to stay in Paris. On top of all that, Antoine (William Abadi) is financing his new restaurant. Namely, at work, Emily’s colleagues are a bit more welcoming. After stepping on their toes to help out with another account. And Chef Sylvie (Leroy-Bollio Philippines) gets to have her look at the whole gig. With Camille (and everyone else).

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Meanwhile, Emily’s friend Mindy (Ashley Park) attends a concert at a drag club where she is promised a chance to perform a song if she works as “la dame cheek”. The woman who sits in front of the toilet. Despite the lack of brilliance surrounding the whole job, she happily accepts her performance. And Emily and Camille cheer her on, as good friends as they are.

On her way home from her show, Emily tries to persuade Camille to talk to Gabriel. But she refuses, saying that she has to work hard to get him back (if she wants to). Unfortunately for Camille, Gabriel seems to want only one thing: Emily. Emily does her best to keep Gabriel out and has a nice trip to Saint-Tropez with Mathieu.

Emily to Paris. You are a rare gift!

Shameless fool, full of unforgettable fashion moments and s*xy French. I don’t know how anyone can blame you. With all the (often legitimate) reviews of Season 1, I’d like to say that Season 2 improves a few things; there’s less hitting for France and more failure (and moments of self-deprecation) for the wildly naive Emily.

It also makes the show more interesting because it doesn’t just show off at every turn with minimal effort and saves the day. This time the conflict is also noticeably more exciting, and the stakes are higher (although (thankfully) not high enough to cause any genuine concern for viewers). With a few exceptions, Emily in Paris Season 2 is more of the same, and who could ask for more? Every day tells a story about a fish coming out of the water against a glamorous backdrop and a wacky line-up of supporting characters. I will take it.

This is the case with Emily in Paris. He’s not trying to reinvent the wheel, make big statements, or create compelling drama. No, it’s good chewing gum, which Darren Starr does best. While I would argue that something more is going on beneath Younger’s surface, he displays many of the same fantastic qualities, brilliant costumes, and humiliating revelations. Emily in Paris is in a world close to reality, recognizable enough.

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But still so goofy, insert-free, and glamorous that it’s easy to distinguish from the plague-ridden hellish landscape in which we now live. How could you hate something with such stupid and pure intentions? Emily in Paris wants us to escape to enjoy all the enchanting sensations that only happen in dreams. Turn off your brain and turn up the volume. You deserve it. Emily in Paris remains an undeniable pleasure to watch her, briefly but crave satisfaction.