“Coming Out Colton” Review: What Documents Colton Underwood Revealed to Friends, Family, and the Public

A scene from the season where we hear former bachelor Colton Underwood talk about how true he is. But it wasn’t easy.

Colton appears in front of his family and closest friends in the first episode.

The first is his mother, Donna, who is very close to him. More than margaritas and guac, he tells it and contextualizes it. With how tough the previous year was with all the bachelor mice. Shocked but supportive, she only felt guilty for not being able to give him the safe space to trust him sooner.

Colton saw his friend Gus Kenworthy, an Olympic snowboarder who acted as his little mentor a few years ago. Colton is so deep in “macho” athletics. That he doesn’t even know what the word “gender” means when Gus mentions it.

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He told his best friend Cassidy, whom he almost knew. When she told her younger brother Connor, he was supportive too, but the fact. That they shared feelings at all made them both wince (boy, right?).

But the most complex revelation, at least for Colton, was his father, Scott. A man Colton loved but wanted to be more of a dad and less of a coach as he got older. They both went fishing, and after the first time dancing about it. He went out and told his dad he was gay.

We’re not big bachelor watchers, but as pop culture watchers, Colton Underwood’s story is hard to miss, from his TV fiancé Cassie’s restraining order to the audience that left earlier this year. Coming Out Colton tries to treat Underwood’s trip with respect, and most of them do, but we have a few questions.

First, what happens to the people he thinks about:

When did you agree to be on camera with Colton? Were they told cameras were there to record his life after his bachelorhood? We’re 95% sure that the scene where Colton officially appears in front of his mom, brother, dad, and best friend is real. But 5% that will be dubious as we continue to watch the first season.

We know how much sausage is made on reality TV. And we wonder if at least some of those conversations have been played back, not now. This “I know too much” factor dampens our response to Colton’s bravado. Because we’re too busy putting together a timeline and not just watching the moment as it is.

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For someone as deep in the closet as Underwood. The courtship is still scary and maybe a little embarrassing because it took him so long to do. So we understand why the show’s producers want to do the things Colton told his dad on Cliffhangers. But what people seem to like are almost overwhelmingly supportive, so this ambition tends to sound a little wrong.

But we also understand why producers need to take some dramatic moments from something that might seem anti-climacteric on screen. We love to see the relief and composure on Underwood’s face as he tells everyone. But the times to come seem to repeat themselves more often. However, we got a little emotional when Scott offered to tell some people in episode 2. Also to take some of the emotional baggage out in front of people. This is a much more sophisticated answer than we expected.

What happened to Cassie Randolph:

It feels like Underwood is taking responsibility and not apologizing. He claims the stalking and other things. That triggered the restraining order resulted from knowing that Cassie would be the last direct connection he’d ever have. Still, it wasn’t until later episodes that it became clear that the restraining order itself. And possibly other external influences – was what was causing it. Eventually, it caused him to leave.

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Look, no matter how much it had to be, the results were excellent, at least for us. But we’re hoping that Underwood will peel off more layers of this onion so we can get a better idea of ​​what it’s like. Wardrobe he went mainly for a bachelor’s degree.

Despite the show’s producer omissions and some iterations. We still have enough respect for Underwood’s journey to make Coming Out Colton noteworthy.