‘Shawn Mendes: In Wonder’ Netflix’s Documentary

Shawn Mendes is coming up with a brand new album named Wonder. His documentary will be there on Netflix. Shawn Mendes is just 22-years-old singer and songwriter. He is doing his Netflix debut. While he starts to cover up playlists with his hit songs, he is coming with a review of his life in a Netflix documentary. Let’s be ready to see every phase of Shawn Mendes’s life. The documentary will show every small and happy moment of his life, including family, friends, and a girlfriend named Camila Cabello. So, we can say that this documentary will be like a biopic of his life but for a short time and showing them in a dramatic manner.

Moreover, this movie is all about Shawn Mendes’s life how he got stardom. What is his relationship status? How is his lifestyle? And last but not least, what will be his musical future?

The documentary is completed with all the emotions like inspiration, love, intimation, feel-good, heart meltdown. So, we can count it in a complete package of everything.

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The documentary’s executive producers are Andrew Gertler, Shawn Mendes, and Ben Winston. The producers are Saul Germaine, p.g.a, and James Haygood.

Let us have a look at Shawn Mendes: In Wonder documentary on Netflix.


‘In Wonder’ shows the life and moments of Shawn Mendes’s life. This documentary will be the same as Taylor Swift’s Miss Americana and Gaga: Five Foot Two before its documentary, which opens ups the entire pop star’s world. The conversation of Shawn about how his musical journey takes place? Even the talks about his life’s journey of being low to high. His girlfriend Camila Cabello likes to have footage. She wants the couple to be on stage together. Shawn Mendes loves his girlfriend Camila Cabello truly, and his emotions towards her are genuine. They completed a year of relationship together.

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“In Wonder” official trailer is there, and after watching that, people’s eagerness to watch the documentary rises day by day. Shawn said that “This documentary is not based on any musician’s life but it is a story of a common man who grows up slowly from a simple person to a star.” He even shares his documentary’s trailer on Instagram by saying, “Thank you to all. ”