‘Sexy Beasts Season 2’ Review: The novelty of watching two masked creatures meet quickly becomes apparent

Let’s face it. Reality TV will never go away, no matter how much people want it. Whenever the opening title of “The Bachelor” comes on TV, my mom can’t turn it off fast enough, but my boyfriend turns it on for fun. There will always be an audience for him and for everything he produces.

It’s always ironic to see the drama and seriousness of a reality show:

And when you change channels, there’s news announcing the latest shootout or health risk. There’s just something about watching physically obsessed young people fight for people who certainly have no problem finding love. However, people eat it and ask for more.

No excuses, “Sexy Beasts” takes the absurdity of dating shows to the next level. The show focuses on breaking away from the look, and feel of encounters like the “Love is Blind” Netflix show.

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The downside of this show is that everyone on the show wears prosthetic legs to look like beasts. Whether it’s a tiger, a dragon, or even a witch, this makeup looks like the most impressive thing on the show. The second season of “Sexy Beast” features the same shallow people with crazier conversations and weird dating activities.

Each episode lasts twenty minutes, and contestants only last one episode. A happy bachelor or single person is the episode’s focus and goes on his first date with three different people.

They shared a drink at the bar and learned a few things about each other, after which a bachelor’s/college degree removed the only person they had no relationship with.

The person who omitted the original appearance was revealed to the audience and other players.

The next coming part of the show is the second meeting that the two of them leave to move on. These appointments can range from picking a bouquet at a florist to taking a cooking class with a world-class chef.

After this date, the Bachelor/Scholar will choose a sexy beast to win the show. Then will reveal their actual appearance, and everyone will say how amazing they look. The lucky part is questionable.

The show itself realizes how ridiculous that is. In addition to introducing participants, the narrator has many comments about their competitors. It can put them at ease with what they have to say or soothe an uncomfortable moment. Viewers only know from the plot that this is not a serious show.

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The fact that the narrator is the voice of reason helps the clock because it would be the saddest without it. It’s exciting to see this show because it doesn’t make any of the characters very cute. They seem pretty selfish, and when not, they are usually knocked out.

The show’s essence that makes the audience’s eyes roll is the sheer number of physical comments made during the performance. Despite dressing like different animals, most of the boys behaved like pigs. Before meeting the girls, they talked about the kind of girl who went a long way and sounded cute to the end. They say a big butt or nice tits, leading the narrator to point out hardness but never enough to smooth it out.

Girls are also not marginalized, but boys emphasize that they are more embarrassing than girls.

A show clearly about finding someone based on personality, not physical appearance, still conveys the opposite message. For starters, everyone on the show loves being super attractive with the perfect body type. Even the show’s attendees will attend the show because they say the heat interferes with their lives for dating.

It’s pretty shallow and weird because they’re sick of people only finding them attractive when the opposite happens to many people. There’s also no moment when the reveal is disappointing or others don’t find it interesting.

Its quite obvious, that no one wants to see this, but it is a reality that some people have. In the end, the physical attraction is much more important and will always be a factor for people.

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The show’s second part that proves that everything has to do with looks is the show itself. People does watch the show just because they want to see it before and after with makeup. It’s almost a game for the audience to guess their expectations. No one watches the show to see how the contestants find love.