Seetimaarr Review: Crime elements and parts of the kabbadi mingle well with good writing and shows

Sampat director Nandi and actor Gopichand have been down for a long time, but Seetimaar has attracted audiences this Christmas season. The promotion states that the director clearly stated that the film is a crime and sports drama mix.

Starting with the perfect mix of table and masala, the director gets back to the elements:

It is backed up by the right cast and excellent text. No complicated story, the film starts with the evil cop Mahan Singh and his brother, who wreaks havoc in the police station and around Ghaziabad. When the excellent cop Aravind (Rehman) intervenes and kills Mahan’s brother, Mahan is covered in blood.

Karti (Gopichand), Aravind’s son-in-law, is now the coach of the Kabadi women’s team in Andhra Pradesh, aiming to win the national championship with his team. Tamana is the coach of the women’s team from Telangana.

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When the team lands in Delhi, Mahan Singh kidnaps Carty’s team and pressures him to kill Aravind. Has the hero succumbed to this blackmail, or does he have a plan up his sleeve?

The director didn’t hesitate in characterizing them and giving each of them a precise image. As usual, Rao Ramesh stands out for his dialogues and expressions. The use of medical terminology in the dialogues is fresh. They wanted Rao Ramesh’s role not to end abruptly.

Dialogue about Nirbhaya incident, “Delhi lo aadapillakey dhikku ledhu, ikkada paleooru ammailani yevaru pattinchukuntaru” (no security for girls in Delhi, who will look after these village girls?), press the lock when coach picks up girls in Delhi for the championship. Digangana, Pragati, Annapurna and others did a great job. Fortunately, the villain doesn’t end up as a dummy.

The Telangana Taman dialect is unsettling. Others might copy it.

Although playful, the song “Jwala Reddy” appears at a tough time and disrupts the storyline. Gopichand and Tamannaah make a great pairing, and the relatively good script helps the actors present themselves with confidence. Bhumika is fine.

Writer Sampat Nandi dominates here, and he has done a commendable job of making his team present themselves. Be it the production design, the music or the cinematography of Mani Sharma, it all fits. This is a definite moment for Gopichand, who is hungry for a good combination of mass and emotional script.

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Expecting new things in stories and scripts for mass lost films is like finding water in the desert. These films follow a proven formula. But why do only a few mass artists become blockbusters?

Even for a formulated masala activator, there has to be a rhythm or flow. Only those who match these settings click checkout. Sampath director Nandi tries to follow the same method in Seetimaarr, his latest proposal. Everything we see at Seetimaarr gives the impression that we have seen it before. The figure who plays the role of coach of the women’s team is not new.

The villain aimed at members of a family of heroes is as old as the Himalayas.

This is a typical template for mass commercial films with characters. But Sampath Nandi tried to package it in such a way that it appealed to the primary audience. She adds elements such as the Kabadi play, women’s issues, education, and regional pride to this story designed to work with the general public. It also has a gloss ratio.

While the story has a lot of questions, it fixes a few things. Instead of bravely saving the girls, Gopichand inspires the girls to fight alone. Such a scene worked. When Posani Krishna Murali’s episode in the second half, the girls is an attempt to escape the kidnappers, and the game’s final scene deserve “seetimar”.

Episodes like Pelli Choosepulu from Digangana, the taunts between the Telangana and Andhra teams and many other signature scenes pissed us off. Also, some twists are predictable. Action episode above.

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As in all masala films, we must discard the logic. Despite this imbalance, the film works to some extent for audiences in centres B and C. It could bring the festival to theatres in towns and villages after a long hibernation void due to the long-running pandemic.

In general, “Seetimaarr” is a sports drama full of mass elements. This is a simple masala film with no high dose of mass.