‘Bhoot Police’ Review: A soggy tale running through the cycle of the afterlife

Inheritance causes a bent back and sore shoulders. No one knows this better than bhoot police Pavan Kirpalani. Vibhooti (Saif Ali Khan) and Chiraunji (Arjun Kapoor) are spirit brothers whose father is notorious for smoking and banishing them to the afterlife where they belong.

Vibhooti has decided that Father is a criminal, while Chiraunji strongly believes in the occult.

They manage to make a living playing with their father’s superstition, gullibility, and reputation, but they find their latest case. The new entrepreneur adds a contradictory addition to this pair. Like Vibhuti, Kanika (Jacqueline Fernandez) believes that the focus is on all the talk of an evil creature lurking in the family’s tea house. Like Chiraunji, Kanika’s sister Maya (Yami Gautam Dhar) believes that a woman. With long, silky hair, bright eyes and a penchant for approaching people but leaving them unharmed is not imaginary.

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Characters in films are ready for adventure, and the creators sometimes get that opportunity. There are flashes of cynical humour. Who has performed mainly by black vibhooti and street artist Kanika. The sound effects and background music almost always remind me of some spooky jumps. However, much of the 128-minute bhoot cops is a catchphrase.

Pavan Kirpalani has directed three horror films, including the scary and clever Phobia. But you might never have guessed it’s about Bhoot Police, a movie that seems to have been smashed by someone without too much experience or love for the scary getaway.

Maybe the mix of comedy and horror doesn’t leave Bhoot Police here and there.

Or maybe the font and steps are uneven. Or is the problem in the story itself too short of creating a lasting atmosphere of fear or ridicule?

Written by Kirpalani, Pooja Ladha Surti and Sumit Batheja. The film is sometimes filled with enthusiastic actors. Saif Ali Khan and Arjun Kapoor have a sparkling rhythm as brother and sister who love to hate each other. Although Vibhooti’s eyes sparkle with Cole’s the first time he sees the glamorous Kanika and Chiraunji seems to have feelings for Maya, the film’s true romance is between brothers.

The cameos include Jaaved Jaaferi as a cop to reveal brothers and sisters and Amit Mistri as a property manager. A beautiful dog named Shonku plays a vital role in developing the plot and then disappears into a black hole of overly distracted film ideas.

Saif Ali Khan has a significant presence on screen, and his dialogues keep you entertained all the time. Its single line liner is enough to crush you. You’ll enjoy the antics, but some parts feel overwhelming. Safe’s oddly perfect timing gives the film a much-needed edge. Arjun Kapoor, as Chiraunji, is more of a serious man – an innocent and righteous brother or sister.

Arjun and Saif have maximum screen time, but the latter manages to interrupt every time.

Arjun fights but makes an impression. Yami is good, but of course, we see him playing better. Like Maya, Yami is a determined princess who tries to save her father’s tea villa legacy from loss. Jacqueline Fernandez plays the influential sister Maya Canica who wants to sell everything and move to London. The actress made an unforgettable appearance.

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To complete the comedy ratio, the creators introduced us to the characters Chedilal (Jaaved Xhaferi), Google Baba (Rajpal Yadav) and Harry Kumar (Amit Mistri). However, I only partially achieved the goal.

Police Bhoot is good sometimes. It has some much-needed comic book elements. But the film is interested in something else. Bhoot Police will tickle you, but inconsistent writing will keep you away. If the editing was tighter and the writing more coherent, it could make for an exciting watch. Sometimes centuries-old tricks and drills come into play which is a bit disappointing. The USP of this film is Saif Ali Khan.