‘Home’ Review: An endearing encounter that waits on and on

The Home of Rogin Thomas promises a heartwarming experience and reaches warm hearts and overheated seats. The Malayalam drama on Amazon Prime Video. It is estimated to be two hours 41 minutes long. And features delightful emotions, comedy viewing, and sermons on life and family.

Storytelling is as rushed and old-fashioned as the protagonist;

A techno blind left behind in the age of smartphones and social media. Oliver (Indrans) lives with his father (Kainakari Tankaraj), his wife Kutiyama (Manju Pilai) and son Charles (Naslen) in Tiruvantapuram. Oliver Anthony’s eldest son (Sreenath Bhasi) is a director struggling to finish his second film.

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Suffering from writer’s block, easily distracted by frequent pings and beeps on his phone. And worried about his impending marriage to his girlfriend Priya (Deepa Thomas), Anthony fails to notice his father’s relentless attempts to contact him. Anthony’s contempt for language, which is indescribable. And often attached to language, contrasts his admiration for Priya Joseph’s father (Srikant Murali).

Hurt by the undisguised contempt for his son and the occasional scornful smile at Charles:

Oliver pours out his plight on his hypochondriac childhood friend, Surian (Johnny Anthony). Oliver’s attempt to master the secrets of smartphones leads to a series of disasters that are uncomfortable for Anthony but open to Oliver.

The Thomas script was designed as a series of limited episodes spread across a film. Home tries to reach the meeting point between rootedness and individuality, personal contact, and the new model’s temptation but away from the smartphone.

Gentle comedy about human weakness is balanced. By popular wisdom about the importance of family ties. Oliver Twist’s journey to self-discovery and his own story (including his unusual name) proves that he is more remarkable than plaid despite his son’s opinion.

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Thomas healed the deep wound with a bandage with a smile on it. Less funny movies could be harder for Anthony, who Oliver often finds disgusting. Even Anthony’s girlfriend suffers humiliation – a situation that would resolve itself without harming Anthony.

In dealing with compromise rather than confrontation:

Home focuses on creating interconnected situations and enhancing the excellent chemistry between actors. The hero of this film is unmistakably Indrance, one of the best chameleons in cinema.

The extraordinary performance of Indrans is subtle and attractive, minimal in movement and facial expressions and maximal in effect. Another cast is also in the works, which, despite the many deviations, will help Home achieve its goals.

While the premise is interesting, Rojin stretches the material too thin. There are extreme perversions – like visiting a psychologist – who make the film longer than it should be by making the same jokes and comparisons made in dozens of previous films. Smiling balls, yoga classes, and mocking mental health conversations. Hiss. Anthony’s behaviour with his girlfriend also gets a free pass.

It depends on his “stress”. Manju Pilai, as Kutiyama, Oliver Twist’s long-suffering wife, expected to look after all the men in the house, from his ageing father-in-law to his younger son Charles (Naslen), getting his share of the pimple-worthy well. But the film still romanticizes his work as love, forcing it into the image of a “happy family” of a home.

The reconciliation between Oliver and Anthony hinges on a plot twist that seems forced and has too many opportunities to swallow. Why did Oliver have to do something extraordinary for his son to honour him?

I’d love to see Anthony and Oliver’s relationship develop organically. Without the intervention of a poorly conceptualized retrospective, it’s also a plot loophole. Wouldn’t someone write an autobiographical study of them and include the incredible story of their birth?

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It can take centuries for the script to get to this point, and you lose your temper with the conversation going back and forth.