Crazy Uncles Review: The weak script doesn’t let Sreemukhi shine on-screen

Crazy Uncles is a dialogue romantic comedy film written by Darling Swamy and directed by E Sathi Babu. The leading roles are played by the film actors Sreemukhi, Raja Ravindra, Mano and Bharani. The music was composed by Raghu Kunche, while Balreddy took over the camera work. Good Friends and Boddu Ashok produce the film.

Director Pravin approached producer Bandla Ganesh intending to make a film.

This is the crazy uncle story he told Bandla Ganesh. Mad Uncle’s story is about three established middle-aged people who have made a name for themselves in the community. Raja (Raja Ravindra), who runs the real estate business, Reddy (Singer Mano). Who runs the gold business, and Rao (Bharani Shankar). Who runs the finance business, are three best friends.

They live together in one apartment. However, all three have problems with their wives. Singer Suite (Srimuhi) also appeals to all three. They plan an event to bring a suit for Raju’s birthday. How did the accident change all three lives a few days ago? How many rounds do you need? This is the story of the film.

Popular television host Sreemukhi goes to the big screen to star in a news-oriented film. With too little message and chaos. Director E Sati Babu may have his heart in the right place. But to express his point of view, he ends up doing precisely what he preaches.

An ambitious director (Praveen) tells the story of a star producer (Bandla Ganesh).

It does tells the story of Raju (Raja Ravindra), Redi (Mano), and Rao (Bharani). Who is called desperate middle-aged men of RRR who live in the same community. Famous and glamorous singer, Sweety (Sreemukhi) is what they want. They go so far as to accept that being in a relationship with them can pay off. Even though Sweetie’s assistant seems to be done, her plan soon gets her into trouble.

To show how desirable Sreemukhi is, the director objectified them like the characters. The whole episode is just poorly written. It depends really on the physical characteristics of the actress, not on a coherent script. The efforts of these uncles to bring Sweetie to justice. And their frustration with their wives also leads to a stalemate. The director goes a step further and shows how men view women as objects of pure pleasure. And attempts to get comedy out of these scenes are regressive. Minor twists and forced comedy make up the entire film. Of course, no spoilers to reveal that Sweety has a lesson for these guys.

Sreemukhi deserves better than a movie that uses “good news” as an excuse to minimize it:

Aside from glamorous dolls. She looked great as usual, but the film didn’t give her any appearances. Raja Ravindra, Mano and Bharani managed to present their characters as well as other actors. The idea of ​​dispelling myths about glamorous celebrities isn’t fresh, but the script still has plenty of room to reveal. Mad Uncle isn’t doing anything out of the ordinary here.

He accidentally creates a void in the plot when it comes. You can move forward again with a good story called Mad Uncle. An image that should make everyone laugh. This is the story of three friends who are over 50 years old. One is a financier. One is a builder. One is a gold dealer. Raju, Reddy and Rao are the names of the characters. Unexpectedly it became “RRR”.

The three best friends want to have fun elsewhere because their age at home decreases with age. What’s the deal with meeting him? How do you get out of them? The story is: My character laughs more than the other two characters. Appears on almost the same screen as me in real life. Not only funny but also a message. This film is a must-have for the current generation. This film tells you what to do and what not to do after ageing.