Cinderella Review: A contemporary tale gets a twist with the featuring pop sensation Camila Cabello

There was a time in a kingdom that might sound familiar. There was a girl, well, you know. Ella (Camilla Cabello), called “Cinderella” by her evil (and “practical”) stepmother Vivian (Idina Menzel). And her two half-sisters Narisa (Charlotte Spencer) and Malvolia (Maddie Bailio).

Because of the ashes that often face Cinderella. Since his father’s death, Dungeons spends his days taking care of his stepmother and stepsisters and creating beautiful clothes.

He dreams of one day running his clothing store that sells clothes to everyone in the kingdom. But Vivian prefers Cinderella to marry him, so she doesn’t have to deal with him anymore.

Meanwhile, the romantic Prince Robert (Nicholas Galician) can’t calm down and gets married:

Which angers his crazy father, King Rowan (Pierce Brosnan). His mother, Queen Beatrice (Mini Driver), had a softer heart and a more progressive outlook. Still, women had no say in this kingdom.

And this was especially true of Robert’s sister, Princess Gwen (Tallulah’s Grave), a woman. wise young man. Which misses a place at the table. Satisfied with Robert’s hesitation, King Rowan throws the ball at all the eligible young women in the kingdom.

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Vivian forbids Cinderella from going to the party, but with the help of Fab G (Billy Porter). She puts on the dress of her dreams (and yes, those glass sandals). Having previously provoked a small scene at the royal ceremony.

Cinderella had caught the attention of the prince. They both danced at night, and both were fully aware of who the other was (in a refreshing twist). When Cinderella is really forced to choose between love and pursuing her dream. Happiness may not always be as easy as she hoped.

Pierce Brosnan, angry and misogynistic like his character, manages to steal the entire film and thus escapes. Just as he’s the best part of False Positive. He’s also one of the main reasons to watch Cinderella munching on sights and serving an adorable prison through even the film’s most painful dialogue.

Brosnan’s heavyweight status as a player may make it difficult for his peers to earn a spot on the big screen, but they all quickly get along with this generous (and happy) legend.

Whats new in the film Cindrella?:

Before seeing this Cinderella, I firmly believed that there was absolutely no need for a new iteration of the movie Cinderella. We’ve seen it in so many versions of this story over the years, and others soon after 2015, star Lily James felt overwhelmed. Fortunately, my fears about other retelling were wrong. Cinderella Kay Cannon may have some crushing moments.

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But it’s surprisingly progressive and fun, full of modern messages without ever feeling painfully awakened. While some of the musical numbers are questionable, in my opinion, the actors sell them (even if the lip-sync isn’t that great). Our young sweethearts Camila Cabello and Nicholas Galician have easy and fun chemistry and play with each other with dizzying teasers that are fun to watch this stuff.

However, the most impressive thing about this story is how the woman develops into a character who doesn’t want to end her traditional happy life. Every woman in Cinderella has a dream (although some are a little less well-meaning or well-intentioned than others), and they are all beyond the men in their lives.

Even Vivian, ruthless as she is, has depth, and half-sisters – who are usually played as cartoon villains – get more work than we’ve ever seen. The celebrities are the titular lady and Princess Gwen, whose efforts are making waves in this male-dominated world in a way that men hate (and boy, they’re fun to watch).

Cinderella achieved something extraordinary:

By storytelling that allows women to determine their future. Instead of relying on a man to make their dreams come true. Are some of the basic? Safe. Are CGI mice that terrible?

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Very, But with stunning performances and an important message with a big heart at its core. Cinderella manages to overcome her flaws and deliver something genuinely worth watching. While the script (and CGI) is sometimes absent, Cinderella’s charming cast makes this rethought story a treat.