Potluck Review: The series is rather entertaining very little to drown your teeth

It is pretty easy to fly after being bored with all the films Thriller Politics, Criminal, Detective, Seutal, with eight short episodes. This is a perfect watch during your family time on weekends.

Pragya’s and Preetas are depressed forever, and Anupama’s too busy emotionally can rule perch on Indian television.

Still, thanks to a digital platform, there are also doses of some relatable, fresh, and good family dramas. We still remember the charm of the old school from the family of Yeh Meri (TVF).

We love classic parents vs kids dividing in the dice of what media people. And we worship Mishas’s touches that are moving on the Gullak (Sonyliv). And, now Sonyliv has provided another family drama. Potluck, which is related to the dynamics of modern families without traffic jams with trophies or missing with melodrama.

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At Severluck, director Rajshree Ojha presents taking the dynamics of the Indian family during the crisis period. After some hiccups on the initial episode. The 8-episode series you have invested in the Shastri family trip, even though it is somewhat predictable.

Patriarch Govind Shastri (Jatin Damn) believes in ‘the family eating together, staying together. His father joked, an obsession with technology, and crazy ideas about renovating. While sitting in one place reminding you of our father. The first victim of’ madness’ was his wife Pramila Shastri (Kitu Gidwani).

Who was sandwiched between her and her three children. Playes by Cyrus Sahukar, Harman Singha and Shikha Talsania. Ira Dubey and the Saloni Khanna play Bahus, far from cunning or exploiting women-in-law in the ‘K’ Kapoor ETTA series. They are very arguing, the woman who works. Who hates come together for a family of families every weekend. But does not oppose their in-laws.

This family drama is far from anywhere from Balaji Soap Old School.

Characters look, feel, and talk like they are family-owned, so out as a foundation. It celebrates the usual rhythm of family life, loving joy and frustration by your parents.

Author Ashwin Lakshmi Narayan, Bharat Misra, and Gaurav Lulla have presented an exciting and relative show. That makes you invest even without Cliffhanger, ending with an episode.

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When Mrs Shastri accidentally heard his children exploring his arrogant properties. He begins to behave all lovey-dovervey to prove they were wrong. And you could not smile. What works for Potluck might be that we respond to drama when they tell stories rooted in our specific experiences.

However, the only time Potluck lost its footing. 

Which is when the scene stretches. Like when Shastri’s children revealed the origin of their family’s potlucks. Also, it would be better to have some depth with the character. Instead of just knowing when they came together for makeshift. 

An arrogant mother, agitated retirees and father, a successful young son, and a less successful son has chosen to become a husband’s husband. His daughter was a little rebel for no reason, who recently returned to live with his parents. Both independent-in-laws, female workers. So, while the problem is quite worldly, the banter is relaxed and chemically between Cast Ensemble, keeping the informal process and writing, while not funny, quite rolling. From the cast, Ira Dubey and Shikha Talsania, especially at the point.

Family conflicts involved competition between brothers and sisters for a larger house, between fathers and children about the size of a gift to move, between girls and parents about her new boyfriend, husband and wife about the secrets, lies, and strange hobbies.

Even when the soothing tone, the coordination of the softness between costumes (although elegant) and the art department made the colour scheme divert.

Shastri’s is a relatively conventional mobile upward family – not dysfunctional or quite modern to shake everything, but it is pretty unique to be somewhat entertaining.

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Most of all performances according to the sign. Damn, Jatin and Kitu Gidwani matched the role of parents. Cyrus Sahukar and Ira Dubey emit the same chemistry as they did in their 2010 film Aisha. Harman Singha and Saloni Khanna made a couple on a good screen. Shikha Talsania put her experience in films to be used well and inhabit its character naturally.

It is easy to fly with eight short episodes after being bored. With all the films Thriller Politics, Criminal, Detective, and Seutal. This is a perfect watch during your family time on weekends.