‘Samantar 2’ Review: Sai Tamhankar fired the second season of the Marathi web series at the MX player

The first season of Samantar MX Player, directed by Satish Rajwade, had nine short episodes. Follow-up, led by Sameer Vidwans, consists of 10 episodes that have a longer time. This is not a problem since this season, which continues to adapt to the novel with the same name by Suhas Shirwarr.

It is a better notch than its predecessor in most departments.

Last season, Kumar Mahajan (SWWAPNIL Joshi) finally met Sudarshan’s parents Chakrapani (Nithish Bharadwaj), whose past is equivalent to Kumar’s future. Chakrapani wrote about his life story in a diary, which he presents to Mahajan. However, according to his condition. Only Mahajan is allowed to read entry every day and only the night before.

The season ends when a mysterious woman will enter the life of Mahajan. He turned out to be Meera (Sai ​​Tamhankar). Likewise, a woman named Sundara (also Tamhankar) has entered the life of Sudarshan 30 years ago. His presence brought havoc in Kumar’s life as with Sudarshan a few years ago. Which endangered his relationship with his loving wife, Nima (Tejaswini Pandit).

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Joshi’s performance plays a significant role in making the Mahaja World Trust. This time the character is angrier than before, and the actor pulls it. He did not show any more doubts to fight his family-friendly image. When it became aggressive or showered abuse on his creation.

It doesn’t make a dull or sad watch!

Ambar writing is packed with drama and bends. After the initial episode, the show defeats itself. Factors of courage are far more prominent at this time. It will be challenging to find a thrilling or dramatic point. To end each episode, but facing is also successfully here.

The second season of MX Player’s Marathi Web Series. Samantar saw the return of Swwapnil Joshi and Nitish Bharadwaj as a soldered characters together by Takdir together.

In the first season, Kumar (Joshi) learned that his life is parallel to Sudarshan Chakrapani (Bharadwaj). Whatever happens to Kumar at this time has happened to Sudarshan, set Kumar on the pre-purpose path.

Kumar spent most of Sudarshan’s first edition tracking. When they finally met, Sudarshan Hand Kumar a diary with advice: You will learn today what will happen to you the next day, but don’t read more than one page at a time.

Like a fairy tale character that bit Apple. It fascinates too early or ignoring. The warning to see from his shoulder. Kumar found that it was not easy to run faster.

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The two men were cancelled by Femme Fatale, played by Sai Tamhankar.

As Sundara, Tamankar said Sudarshan are in an inquiry of murder. As Meera, Tamhankar damaged Kumar’s reputation and caused tensions between him and his loving wife, Nima (Tejaswini Pandit).

Scripter/Writer Ambar faces, working on the adaptation of the novel. With the same name by Suhas Shirwarr, again stirring the pot once again. From Satish Rajwade to Sameer Vidwans.

The second season is more important but as repeatedly as before. Seeing too many flashes and over-the-top scenes to accumulate tensions.

Even after 10 episodes, the philosophical implications of psychic twinning remain less bright. But the story of Overlong. From a man was brought to the threshold of destruction. By stupid ambitions and cunning women.

Marathi Swwapnil Joshi movie star spread himself at the limit to portray the victim of a self-satisfying prophecy. Sai Tamhankar is the most memorable character’s performance, emitting mysteries and charisma as a dream woman and nightmare.

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Also impressive is Tejaswini Pandit as a pair of Malang Kumar and Nitish Bharadwaj. Which is very happy as Kumar partner in crime and time.