‘Romantic’ Movie Review: Gangster version of Castle of Romeo and Juliet

Anyone who has seen Akash grow from a child actor to his current Romantic films will confirm that he is not ready to play the role of a gangster. His youthful appearance does not match his dialogues and action scenes.

Why the rush when there are so many subjects and love stories? Romantic managed to win the front jury. There is no comedy in it, but it provides a cheap sensation for a specific audience segment.

The song and camera are good, but the story is nothing new.

The film begins with ACP Ramya arriving in Goa to catch a criminal who killed a police officer on duty. Your goal is Vasco too. He tells this so-called love story of Vasco and Monica and the reason why he came to Goa. Vasco Da Gama, 20, becomes a gangster after eliminating the existing ones. Why support smugglers and criminals? The story also has a soft side; he helps the poor by building houses.

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The film is dominated by scenes where the main couple misses each other. When Vasco (Akash) waits for Monica (When Sharma) for the first time, he asks her, “What do you want?”

Although Anil Paduri directs the film, it has the typical setting and dialogue of Puri Jagannadh. The only fantastic thing is that the dialogue isn’t as risky as in the mentor films. It’s softened a bit, but that doesn’t mean it’s without objectification. Vasco says that Monica is just an animal in this forest without rules and lets his co-workers know there is no love between them.

Surprisingly, Monica tells her sister (Utei) that she loves Vasco because she has no other choice. With him too, which is why they can’t take their hands off each other during the entire film.

Whether visualization or dialogue, every scene in between is voyeuristic. Ram Potineni appears for a while, as does Puri Jagannadh in a song, and it is evident that the filmmakers had a hangover from Ismart Shankar and rushed to make Akash another Ustad.

When Sharma made his debut with confidence.

Akash has the potential and will someday succeed. It just takes the right choice of script. The romance is too dramatic, but you can follow the visual appeal and the music.

Sunil Kashyap’s music and background music set the film’s tone, with all the songs happily following a specific sound befitting the film. iSmart Shankar, also known as Ram Potienie, and Puri herself made a cameo in a song, much to the delight of the everyone in the cinema. So dialogue out loud. The director’s more difficult dialogue, full of ambiguity, provokes calls.

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The cinematography of Naresh Rama also captures a beautiful golden glow, especially at the climax. Though too much time is spent building the world, Vasco lives in with his best friends Annie and Grandma Mary, he and Monica light up the screen when they finally find time for themselves at the beach.

This is actually really one of the best scenes in the film that works wonders with the cinematography, dialogue, direction and actors. The tragedy is this gangster never really had time for love because someone always followed him.

Akash and Saat are making a film which has nothing new to tell.

Your appearance is what attracts you, aside from the technical department. Ramia Krishnan was excellent as usual, and so was Wage. Macarand was hesitating between very bad and very crazy.

The actress who played Annie was a delight. Lyrics like “If You’re Angry, I’m Your Father” in a romantic number might make you nervous, but the film does manages to pull it off. Anil and Puri explain that the heart of all this romance is a love story when the climax comes.

Why this film doesn’t take long enough to create a love that transcends lust. This remains the film’s biggest weakness. The climax will surprise you both because of the way it all ends and the performance of everyone involved. This is Castle’s version of Romeo and Juliet.

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Romance is like a soothing bowl of hot soup when you miss Puri in its elements, even if she’s not the one directing the film. It’s like a thorn in the side when you want a new director like Anil to go beyond these tried and tested tropes and tell a new and unique story. Make your choice.