Republic Movie Review: Intense political drama that makes you think

Panja Abhiram is a young man who wants to change the political system from within. But if he was cut off at every turn. It would he be the one to change the fate of his hometown?

Deva Kata discusses topics that are known but are still considered commonplace in this Republic.

Newspaper headlines often say that honest whistleblowers or bureaucrats meet a fate. That is read as warning signs and preventing others from following their chosen path. And while the four pillars of democracy continue to blame each other, who is really to blame here?

A young man named Panja Abhiram (Sai ​​Dharam Tay) has a bright future at MIT in the US. Instead, he decides to stay in his hometown of Eluru and write civilization into nothing but his father, Dasarat (Jagapati Babu), a corrupt officer. Thelleru’s waters, harvested for fishing purposes, rot.

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Farmers whose land around the reservoir commit suicide because they do not see the future. Minister Vishaha Vani (Ramya Krishnan) is a businessman-turned-politician who outlines the train here and expects nothing to pass by. Myra Hanson (Aishwarya Rajesh) is an NRI looking for her missing brother. Will there be an Abhi in this game of chess where only one can come out victorious?

At the beginning of the film, Abhiram says, “Nenu Bharateeyudu ni kadu, Aparichitudini kadu”. Referring to Shankar’s famous films where the path of mindfulness seems to be the only answer. However, this young man had a different opinion. He doesn’t believe that should kill rapists in fake encounters or that a criminal.

Even when he saw the legislature, executive and judiciary crumble around him.

He insisted that the truth prevailed and the people regained power. Isn’t that supposed to be a democracy? Even if people themselves make mistakes and test the limits of their greed. Who is to blame or who has to fight? Deva Kata is characterized by the fact that he is staging stories in Eluru. He and Kieran Jay Kumar (who co-wrote the script) did a great job creating complex dialogue and scenes.

The Republic is slowly revealed through Abhiram’s eyes. As the film progresses, we are told that the survivors are the ones. Those who are used to the “system” and those who face death are the ones who rebel against it. But who exactly is pulling the strings here? Each character in this film, whom Abhi calls corrupt. It has its own story about who they are they just surviving. Or are they morally corrupt because they are greedy? There doesn’t seem to be a correct answer. Myra also has issues to avoid, but her fate seems only to push Abhi. Virgo Kata does an excellent job of showing how gender politics comes into play. Even when eliminating unnecessary deaths.

The film’s first half gives Sai Dharam Taj a chance to show off his dance moves before digging deeper. But this isn’t a movie that’s going to entertain you (strictly) because Virgo Kata has a bigger story to tell. This is also the metaphor he explores when telling the “devil fish” story that destroys the ecosystem. Finally, one wonders if any of the characters in this film, including Abhi and Vishakha Vani. Who spend most of the second half banging their heads. He will even play a role in the long run. This film clearly shows that heroism and right intentions are usually never enough to save the day.

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This Republic is not without flaws.

As long as the movie keeps you busy. Its speed can test the patience of those who want to know where it’s headed. Mani Sharma’s results and songs are good. While the Virgo ring-tailed lemur sows the seed. That everyone is the result of past traumas and experiences, not enough is done to deepen. Even a woman, s*xually exploited or a farmer brutally murdered in broad daylight. It is ultimately nothing more than a conspiracy to show how far one can go. After a while, you feel that the director took too much at once.s