“Puksatte Lifu” Review: The joy is filled with laughter and some surprises

Shahjahan, an honest locksmith, turns out to be an extraordinary accomplice to a gang of cops who are also thieves. Next up is the amusement park train ride full of laughs and a few surprises.

Puksatte Lifu Pursotte Illa is Aravind Kuplikar’s directorial debut working with Prakash Raj and B Suresha.

It’s a dark comedy of errors with a philosophical overtone. That you can only swallow with the right combination of them all. This film is about Shahahan, a vital creator who lives in Bidadi.

And lives a simple life with his family and loves Charade Love. He accidentally ran into a police officer who made the moonlight look like a thief. Shahahan becomes an accomplice in their crimes and adventures. But all good routes run into obstacles, and what happens then?

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This film is fun, but the story also has a philosophical nuance that cannot ignore. The witty writing also shows how the more significant issues in life extend in subtler nuances. Beyond issues of religion or gender while also showing the relationship between Shahajah and Sharada.

What worked for this film was the casting. Aravind makes it real, and every character looks perfect no matter how little time is in front of the screen. Writing is another primary focus. The dialogue is funny, and the humour is not harsh.

The character processing is very organic, which adds to the appeal. Advaita Gurumurti’s cinematography is kept in a noir style and draws you into the story. And the background music from Poornachandra Tejaswi completes it perfectly. The songs in the film also contribute to the further development of the story.

Achyuta Kumar is another actor who stands out in a role that makes him stand out.

He perfectly played the late Sanchari Vijay in the role he took to love fish on the water. Rangayana Raghu appears graceful in his comics, while Matangi Prasan appears in nuanced performances. The large ensemble leaves little room for complaint.

Puksatte Lifu Pursotte Illa may have a moment or two. Where the story diverges but ignoring that this film. It is a breath of fresh air and proves that content is ultimately king of cinema.

Predictably, the powerful always persecute the powerless. But in the end, both have to pay for their crimes. It was those who were harmed, like Shahjahan, who faced grave consequences. This is a bold call from the director to portray the police as thieves.

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But everything in the cinema, a different story has to be told. And some elements of truth in Puksatte are undeniable Lifu’. Out of respect for him, Kuplikar ended up organically avoiding the attitude summarized police officer.

The scenario in the second half should be more stringent. What we noticed was The reliable Rangayana Raghu forever. This film wants to say: “Nothing is free in life.” As Kuplikar reports that this is commendable.

“Puksatte Lifu” is free from unnecessary melodrama and dialogue with heavy messages.

Even if police thinking of making a quick buck to allow their children to live a better lifestyle. Don’t come like a villain with a cliché. It’s a cute single layer clean film with philosophical overtones. Brilliant frame by Advaitha Gurumurthy offers and minimalistic touch to this film.

Sanchari Vijay delivers a touching performance. It’s a shame that the industry can’t have more of his talent. Ahut Kumar, like the corrupt cop, is undoubtedly the best actor. He will divide you into several scenes. “Puksatte Lifu” is full of colourful characters supported by good actors.

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Apart from Ikkat, the Canadian industry has been withheld from quality films for more than six months now. If you’re tired of complaining about Canada’s poor presence in the OTT space. To watch Puksatte Lifu, as a content-oriented film, needs to be pushed to its full potential.