“Qismat 2” Review: Well, Ammy Virk, whose strength lies in comedy, is at sea in this lengthy emotional drama

As the lockdown restrictions are relaxed. We see some Punjabi movies popping up on the screens. With the release of the films Ammy Virk and Sargun Mehta, expectations are rising, especially after its predecessor Qismat (2018). The screenwriter and director are Jagdip Sidhu. The film stars Tanya and singer Yaani.

This is the love story of the Shiv (Virk) and Bani (Mehta). Which is carried over into the continuation of the first part of the romantic drama. Although the sequel contains an entirely new story, some areas of qismat find their way into this film.

Shiv and Bani are students, and the former is a badminton player who wants to excel in the sport:

Although his father wants him to find a job and help out in their difficult financial situation. Bani helps Shiva realize that instead of getting a lowly job now. He can study hard and do something with his life. She also taught him the importance of the friendship. Shiv eventually falls in love with her. But despite his devotion, he decides to take no action against his family and marries Kaabil (Jaani). Meanwhile, Shiv continues to fight with him. Several years later, something unexpected brings the two together.

Although the film starts on a promising note, Qismat 2 quickly becomes a regular college with very long commercials. The story unfolds in the first act, a flashback, and the music is made with a heavy hand, presumably to save time. The second act takes us to the present, where Shiv Bani comes face to face again, continuing the story.

In the first act, Sargun portrays a student who is naturally addictive and fun. Then, as he pierces the grieving widow’s skin, Sargun makes a smooth transition from funny to sad. While Bani vacillates between a widow struggling to love another man. And passing on her husband’s memories of her attachment to Shiv, Sargun has done her best.

The surprising character, hidden from all promotions and movie trailers, is Tanya:

Who plays the short bean sport and is a medical student who loves her coach from Shiva College. Not only is Tanya’s hairstyle new, but it also renews the character’s appeal to the actors in it. Another surprise in the film is the copywriter Jaani, who makes a brief cameo as Bani’s husband.

While Ami, Sargun and Tanya are busy broadcasting stories at different times. Director Jagdip Sidhu plays the role of captain of Qismat 2 with emotional ease hard to find in Punjabi cinema. Jagdip sketched his heart on the canvas, making his story sure to make the audience cry. Precisely because the characters have revealed their vulnerabilities, this story is very touching.

There are some carefree moments, thanks mainly to Shiv’s two friends providing a strange relief in the first half. But many of these films are supposed to be passionate and emotional dramas. The slow pace and meandering scenarios cannot conquer us. Moreover, Qismat 2 does not captivate us emotionally, and even in sad times, we still feel detached and open, disinterested.

Adequate Strength is a comedy, and in this emotional drama on the high seas:

It doesn’t deliver the performance it’s expected to put out. On the other hand, women perform much better. Mehta is relatively good at portraying a woman trying to analyze her emotions and understand her feelings. But the one who does breathes life into this inspiring film is Tanya. She plays a cold schoolgirl who is cute and catches us in her character. Too bad there isn’t much work.

The soundtrack by B Praak and lyrics by Jaani is quite good. With the Sufi number “Kis Morh Te” by B Praak and Jyoti Nooran prominent.

This is the second film with Ami Virk to be released after the blockade. After the romantic comedy Puaada.