‘Chinnanjiru Kiliye’ Review: Chinnanjiru kiliye disappointed by his writing

The man runs a natural restaurant in Senthilnathan village. He did not believe in British medicine. Sentilanathan fell in love with Sandra Nair, who lived in the same city and married her. During childbirth, Sandra died due to British treatment.

If Chinnanjiru Kiliye had a star for the lead role:

He would look like action thrillers like Yennai Arindhaal and Kuttram 23. But given his modest budget and lack of stars, director Sabarinathan Muthupandian’s ambitions are a little different from the theatre.

The main character, Sethilnathan, is a naturopath with a strong distrust of allopathic medicine. For him unve marundhu. He is angry when his daughter Chittukuruvi (Baby Pathivaththini). It takes to a medical camp after being injured.

The same incident led to, by fate, the kidnapping of his daughter. Even though he manages to find the girl, he decides to go after the group that seriously injured him and reveal their gruesome activities.

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At least as a premise, Chinnanjiru Kiliye looks interesting – an ordinary guy who finds himself in the middle of a conspiracy and tries to deal with it on his terms. Then there’s the father-daughter relationship, which is a sure thing.

But despite his good intentions, Chinnanjiru Kiliye turned out to be a frustrating film. While it’s refreshing to see a character who can’t fight back, his method of exposing the medical crimes going on around him feels ridiculous. He goes to the cops first. Who are not interested in the subject and even agree with the criminals.

So he decided to go alone afterwards. So far, so good. But all he did was fly on the wall, witness to the crime. No attempt was made to gather evidence for him to present to other parts of the law. With no precautions and only good intentions, he blindly follows the kidnappers, ignoring that his daughter needs him and making his actions seem reckless.

Finally, an all-out attack on the robust “English medicine”:

The taste of the “Nam munnorgal ondrum muttalgal alla” indoctrination. The director returns to the summary and shows the hospital, medical camp, and doctor. Given that we are currently in a pandemic period, it feels irresponsible when people don’t believe in vaccines.

Sentilanatan raised his baby with love. When she was 6 years old, Sentilanatan’s daughter was kidnapped by a mysterious person. After all, who kidnapped Sentilanat’s daughter? Why were you kidnapped? Did Sentilanatan find his daughter? That’s the rest of the story of this film.

Sentilanatan, who plays the main character in the film, managed to perform well in several places. He tried acting in many places. Sandra Nair, who will be the main character, has a beautiful smile and a mediocre appearance.

Archana Singh, who will be another heroine, shines in her cast. The actress who plays the child star is fascinated by the world of acting. Threatening the father as a pet, he continues to move with love and care. Balaji Shanmugasundaram, Kulapuli Lila, Selaturai and Vikramaditya did the work assigned to them.

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Director Sabrinathan Muthupandian presents father-son love, the glory of naturopathy, love and medical evil in a rural setting. In the first half of the script, it is unknown what happened. The second half tells about medical crimes. The strength of the story is not so much in the script and character play. The film received awards at various festivals. Many award-winning films such as documentaries. But this movie is unique because it’s not.

Listen to 2 songs in the music of Mastan Catherine. Supports flashy background music. I can admire Pandian black cinema to some extent.